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No amount of alcohol is good for you

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Recently the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) banned a song titled ‘Science Students’ released by an indigenous rapper, Olamide from being played on local radio and television stations across the country.

The reason for the ban according to the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation’s Head of Public Affairs, Hajia Maimuna Jihada was that the song promotes the use of illegal drugs.

Although rapper Olamide has explained that the song is aimed at fighting drug abuse, but NBC on their part said “the song is unfit for broadcast.”

Hajia Maimuna explained further: “Olamide’s Science Student was declared not-too-good for broadcast because the song promotes illegal drugs. This is the main reason for declaring it unlawful. We have warned all radio and television houses to obey this instruction or face sanctions”

Apart from the introduction of new dance style and street slangs, music plays a major role in luring the minds of many youngsters to alcohol and various immoral acts.

Without any discrimination, no amount of alcohol or illegal drug intake is good enough for the developing brains and general wellness of youngsters as the abuse of these substances lead to unsafe situations and destructive end.

Why do some teenagers drink alcohol?

Peer pressure is a major factor why some youngsters abuse drugs or drink alcohol. They feel the pressure to keep up with their friends who are in the habit of doing such.

Additionally, the feeling that every other teen is drinking can be made worse by civilisation and culture, as television and music videos often show music stars who probably these teens model their style after displaying with alcohol.

Teenagers may also drink to temporarily distract themselves from the pressures or worries of life. Puberty is a tough time and teenagers may wrongly think drinking is a way to cope.

Effect of Alcohol drinking on teenager’s health:

Drinking alcohol in adult years is dangerous but it is more dangerous and harmful to the mental health and general wellbeing of young people too.

Most noticeable are the short term effects, such as bad breath, bad skin and weight gain.

However, more damaging is the potential effect of drinking on the young brain. Teenage years are important time for brain development.

Alcohol intake can also make teenagers get into fights or having unprotected sex which of course expose them to sexually transmitted diseases.

According to a recent study by University College London, teenagers who drink and smoke even moderate amounts can suffer hardening of the arteries by the age of 17 with an increasing risk of heart disease and stroke in later life.

But the good news according to the study by University College London, if teenagers stop drinking and smoking during adolescence, their arteries can return to normal.

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