June 12, 2024


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When will sun shine on Nigerians?

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Subair Muhammed

The sun shines on everyone leaving nobody behind. Even with its scorch nature and harshness sometimes, we cannot rule out the advantages and benefits to human existence.

With the comfort, bountiful blessings and sootiness that accompanies rainfall not minding the wreck caused by torrent rainfall occasionally with the haziness that comes with the harmattan season, which favours of our Creator would we deny?

Collectively, every living soul experiences the good, bad and the ugly sides of the weather conditions regardless of social status, religious affiliation, tribe and complexion because its nature at work.

President Muhammadu Buhari

But as Nigerians feel the positive and negative impacts of the weather conditions together without any recourse, why is it impossible for all Nigerians to reap from and enjoy the products and benefits that accrue from innumerable natural resources bestowed upon Nigeria by our creator?

Why is it that few Nigerians are feeding fat on the natural rights of many not considering the fact that these resources are not meant for them and their allies alone?

It’s a misnomer for a section of the country to have bellies full of cheese, houses filled with foreign currencies and exotic cars with expensive lifestyles while within the same entity larger percentage of the population are under-privileged; denied accessed to quality education and good things of life and go hungry in shanties they manage to lay their heads not knowing where the next meal would come from.

Yes, our fingers are not equal reason there are differences in our social statuses but with an effective and honest leaders and proper accountability and appropriation of the nation’s resources, these differences in status could be bridged.

As Nigerians feel and suffer the harshness of the sun together, bear the haziness of the harmattan collectively and experience the comfort and discomfort inherent in the rainfall together, let us enjoy the benefits, comforts, good and healthy living that goes with the exploration of our God given natural resources with even development in all part of the country.

With the money gotten from these resources, the government should put the resources to work in favour of all and not against us. They should build infrastructures; invest in youth development by creating enabling environment where learning thrives and unemployment becomes a foregone issue.

If we could bear the pain of the seasons together, why should the proceeds and goodies emanating from these sources be an exception?

Let all leaders of today know that a day shall come when they will be hold accountable for all their deeds. Let them also be reminded of a day when their accumulated wealth will do them no good.

Let it be known that there is a Just and unbiased Leader of leaders who rewards every act of men at the appropriate time without any preferential treatment to any of His creature is patiently watching and waiting for our return to Him for He knows best.

If only our leaders know that with needless and unjust wealth accumulation, they are among the most unfortunate of all creatures because they would be made to account for every penny they have earned. A word it is said is enough for the wise!


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