May 30, 2024


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Police to charge underpants thieves for attempted murder  

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Dolapo Badmus

Mojisola Lawal

Indications are that the police might charge underpants thieves for attempted murder and not stealing.

This was suggested by the police spokesperson for Zone 2 command, Dolapo Badmos on her Instagram page.

Dolapo who was a former Lagos State Police Public Relation Officer said on her Instagram post that the thieves that were caught in the act of stealing confessed to using the panties for rituals which lead to the premature death of the owner.

There has been an increase in the theft of underpants which was assumed to be used ritual and consequently led to the death of the owners of the underwear.

Recently, a man was caught in Akure, Ondo State, with a bag containing women’s underwear and sanitary pads. The man was almost lynched by a mob after he was caught with the nylon bag containing these items.

According to reports, ritualists often send out errand boys and girls, who help get the panties. Female agents are also used to collect male underwears from men after sex.

“What is the in thing about increase in stealing of underpants?! Learnt the ones caught in the act always confess to be using it for rituals whereof the owner dies prematurely…. Henceforth anyone caught stealing pants might not be charged for stealing but attempted murder. This has to stop,” Badmos posted on Instagram.

However, there is no provision in the Nigerian constitution that will back such a charge in court.


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