May 30, 2024


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(Photos) IMSU faculty annex on fire, property worth millions destroyed

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The Faculty of Humanities Imo State University Annex building has been completely razed by fire. The raging inferno which began in the wee hours of today destroyed property worth millions of naira.

According to a lecturer in the faculty who pleaded anonymity, while blaming the on-going ASUU strike, he said, the inferno was caused by an electricity spark.

He added, “The fire was caused by high-voltage electricity that was supplied to the campus. But it was an avoidable incidence which was compounded by the ASUU strike. It would not have been this bad had the school is in session. We were notified of the fire incident by 4:00am. I got to the area by 5:00am and contacted the fire service. There was little to be salvaged when they arrived the scene. This wouldn’t have been the case if the school was in session”.

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