May 30, 2024


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Resist temptation of ignoring spiritual guidance, Correction prophet advises politicians

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President Buhari

Akin Olayemi

Prophet Oyedele .A. Usman Sabit Akanfe popularly called “End Time Global Correction Prophet” has advised political leaders and politicians seeking elective offices in the forthcoming election to seriously resist the temptation of ignoring counsel of ministers of God in the country.

Oyedele Usman Sabit gave the advice in a statement preceding the launch of his film in Ibadan on Sunday at the Oyo State House of Chiefs Secretariat Ibadan

He said that the correction and End Time  Peace film chronicled his messages to Nigerian leaders who have ignored divine call to desist from idolatory .

The Correction Prophet disclosed that he has been on the crusade to purge Nigeria of wrong doings in the last four decades adding that the consequences of disobedience of the leaders is what we are facing

The correction Prophet disclosed that the films and his book would be sent to appropriate leaders adding “It is our fervent hope that with the latest development God will let our leaders lis ten and take to corrections.

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