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Tips to curb teenage bedwetting

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Akin Olayemi

Boluwatife Adams is a stylish 14 year old Senior Secondary Student of one of the model colleges that comfortably keeps his head brilliantly high academically.

Fondly called Jolly Bolly by his buddies, Boluwatife is a fun enthusiast, a partygoer that is open to everything and anything like dance, games, continental and local dishes.

But as fun-loving as Jolly Bolly is, none of his cliques knows he has a gloomy and embarrassing side to his personality.

None of them is aware of Jolly Bolly little secret that he bed wets.

Boluwatife is one out of countless number of teenagers that is affected by enuresis– the medical term for bed wetting.

According to a survey, almost 4 per cent of teenagers wet the bed at night while twenty per cent of them start after being dry night before.

However, as bedwetting is considered not normal for teenagers, it is not the same for children in preteen years.

Therefore, the question is, why do teenagers bet wet?

For many teenagers, bed wetting might be due to either psychological or medical problem. But aside this, unhealthy lifestyle also answers for why some teenagers bed wets as was the case with Boluwatife.

Why do teenagers bed wet?

As clearly stated above, lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits and physical activities such as rigorous dance, play and alcohol teenagers engaged in at daytime that knocked them off into a deep sleep at night are some of the reasons teenagers wet their bed beyond preteen years.

Below are explanations on some of the aforementioned reasons.

Binge eating habit: A teenager that has the habit of eating large portion of heavy meal and other junks especially late at night has greater chances of bed wetting than one that eat moderately.

Deep sleep: After an extreme day time physical activities, have being exhausted many teenagers fall into a deep sleep right through a middle-of-the-night urge to pee and the resultant effect is bedwetting.

Hereditary: This may sound untrue but if either of both parents bed wet as kids then there is 80 per cent chance their child will do the same. However, if only one parent was a bed wetter, the likelihood a child would follow suit is around 44 per cent just as a teenager who physically can’t hold as much urine as other kids is more likely to bed wet.

Dealing With Teenage Bedwetting:

What could be more embarrassing than a teenager bedwetting? One of the implications of this is that the teenager will have a low self-esteem that he tends to isolates himself; avoid as much as possible overnight trips to his peers.

Here are some of the steps to be taken to check teenage bedwetting:

Cutting down on the child’s fluid intake before bedtime could prevent teenage bed wetting, so parents must ensure that their teenager doesn’t drink or eat anything starting from 6pm.

Cultivate a habit of assisting the child to empty his bladder. Remind him to use the rest room before he goes to sleep. Keep the lights low and get him in and out of the bathroom quickly and quietly so he’s able to drift back to sleep easily.

And if all is not helping, waterproof bed could do the magic. Although this won’t stop him from bedwetting but it will make accidents easier to deal with and, hopefully, less embarrassing.

Interesting facts about bedwetting:

Below are some of facts about teenage bedwetting that might interest you. -About 0.5-3% of teenagers and young adults wet the bed at night. Most of them have always wet, but 20% start after being previously dry.

-Although effective treatments are available, most adults erroneously believe their problem is not treatable.

-Some 20-50% of young adults have never sought professional help about their problem, and continue to suffer in silence.

-Bedwetting alarm training is the most effective treatment for bedwetting and the only one that has a sustained effect.

(Facts about bedwetting was culled from an online source)

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