June 23, 2024


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2019 election will be bloody, says Prophet

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By Our Correspondent,Ibadan

An Ibadan based Chrislam believer,Prophet Oyedele Usman Sabit Akanfe popularly called Global Correction Prophet has called on Nigerians and other stakeholders in the next week’s election to immediately meet to postpone the general elections because it would be bloody.

Prophet Oyedele Usman told our Correspondent exclusively in Ibadan on Tuesday that God revealed to him that the elections should be shifted because Nigerians were leaning on their wisdom rather than divine leading.

“I know the stubbornness and desperation of those in power but God told me that we must go for serious prayers to be led by we ministers of God in the two religions and then proceed with the elections after hearing from God..

“I am sure God will show mercy by touching the hearts of politicians most especially those in PDP and APC to hasten slowly and peacefully otherwise they would drag this country into another war.They are desperate for power at all costs he warned.

The Prophet who claimed that he used both holy Quran and Bible to minister disclosed that he has invested much resources on Nigeria project by sending correction messages to the powers that be without repentance from sins of corruption which has dragged us behind.

“Any nation that downplays God did so at her own peril .Prophets of old have spoken and were mocked .The same I am experiencing from our leaders.For the past decades,we counselled those in power and they rejected. But for this election,they must be very careful.I repeat,PMB and Alhaji Atiku should not set this country on fire.”Prophet Oyedele Usman warned.

He stated that it was regrettable that men of God with divine admonition were being ignored by those in power stressing that he would be viindicated at the end of the electioneering exercises

The Chrislam Prophet alluded to the 1977 FESTAC which brought idols of all shapes and manner into the pointing out
that both religions frown at idolatory which we promoted in the guise of cultural rejuvenation.

Prof Yakubu Mahmoud

On insecurity,he said”There is no number of soldiersbrought into the country that can tame Boko Haram insurgents.The problem is a fall out of our sins to God.A fall out of corruption by the leaders in that area .Except we seek repentance,the crisis will linger on”he declared.

Oyedele Usman who disclosed that he recently launched a film which reiterated his warnings to Nigerian leaders said that his efforts made to correct our corrupt leaders are being ignored adding “I am not surprised because old prophets were ignored with disastrous consequences on the people by them.”

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