May 30, 2024


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Cases Of Arthritis, Body Pains Discovered At FUMCI Pre-Ramadan Health Check

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Moshood Aliyu
Muslims in Lagos Mainland district of Lagos State are healthier, more aware of their health status and of the need to adequately take good care of their health, says Dr. Mahmood Taofeek of the Police Hospital, Ikea, Lagos.
Dr. Mahmood made this known at the Faith Unites Muslims Charity Initiatives (FUMCI) Annual Pre-Ramadan medical screening held yesterday at Ebute Meta, West, Lagos where attendees were screened for Hypertension, diabetes and malaria and drugs given to them free.

According to him, unlike the previous, no new cases of the ailments screened for were discovered among participants but there are many reported cases of arthritis and body pains.
He said, “The idea behind this medical outreach is for Muslims to know their health status before the commencement of Ramadan Fast. Based on what was discovered, Muslims are becoming aware of their health status. It was discovered that those that have hypertension and diabetes are able to put the condition under check. They are able to regulate a healthy blood pressure, they eat right and exercise more. There are no new cases of diabetes, hypertension but many people complained of body pains and arthritis. And I say, this is understandable because of the longer hour they had to work to maintain their various homes due to the bad state of the economy. This is the case with many Nigerians. In all, the event was successful. The turnout was impressive. The purpose was achieved and We hope to repeat it next year. We can only pray to almighty Allah to preserve us to witness the Ramadan Fast in sound health and abundance.”
The event which started at exactly 8am had in attendance Muslim men and women both old and young from the length and breadth of the Ebute Meta east and west district in large numbers.

Speaking to journalists at the event Amir of the organisation, Ustadh AbdMuiz Zubayr said being in a perfect state of health is one of the conditions for the observance of Ramadan Fast.
Ustadh Zubayr informed that FUMCI Annual Pre-Ramadan Medical Screening With Free Drugs is one of the ways the organisation reach out and improved the quality of lives of Muslims in its host community.

He said, “With our activities, we work our talk. We are charity and dawah organisation with the sole aim of improving the quality of lives of Muslims and bringing them closer in worship to our Creator, Allah through charitable acts and call to Islam. I want to appreciates the entire Muslim community of Ebute Meta West and east, our supporters, members and the management of FUMCI for a successful event.”
Participants at the event were full of praises and prayers to FUMCI for the medical screening exercise as they said they are looking forward to the Ramadan Feed-a-Soul project where FUMCI with the support of wealthy Muslims and donors provide sumptuous meals for Fasting Muslims In Seven Mosques In Lagos Mainland district.

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