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FUMCI Announces Ramadan Diet Lecture Schedule

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Moshood Aliyu

Faith Unites Muslims Charity Initiatives (FUMCI) has announced the lecture time-table for the 2019 edition of It’s annual weekly lecture series held in Ramadan titled ‘FUMCI Ramadan Diet.’

According to the statement released and signed by the leader of the organisation, Ustadh AbdMuiz Zubayr, the weekly lecture series will commence May 12 and run through every Sunday in the blessed month of fasting.

The statement read in part, “Our weekly Ramadan lecture series otherwise known as Ramadan Diet was designeď by the group to refresh and feed our souls with the words of Allah and set us on the path of our noble prophet Muhammad (saw). The 2019 edition of Ramadan diet will start on the 12th of May at the Idi-Ada Playground in Joseph Lambo Street, Ebute Meta, West, Lagos Mainland of Lagos State. And it is our hope and prayer that Allah swt in His infinite mercy will accept it as an act of Ibadan.”

The FUMCI Ramadan Diet Ustadh AbdMuiz Zubayr informed started in 2017 and between then and now, the every Sunday Ramadan lecture series has featured prominent Islamic scholars among whom are Sheikh AbdMajeed Imran Eleha, Dr AbdulLateef Abdulhakeem, Dr Tajudeen Yusuf to mention but a few.

On the schedule for this year’s edition are Sheikh AbdRazak Woleola Mubasir (May 12), Sheikh Ismail Arikewuyo (May 19), Ustadh U. Sa’ad (May 26) and Ustadh I. Oganija (June 2nd) and it starts 4:30pm every Sunday throughout Ramadan.
Iftar are served for Fasting Muslims at the end of the session.

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