May 30, 2024


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He Who Gives Water, Gives Peace of Mind, Residents Tell Community Head

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Akin Olayemi
Residents in Moss/ Abete community in Apapa road, Lagos Mainland of Lagos State have commended the efforts of the traditional head of the community, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye for delivering on his promises to construct borehole for residents to ease their water needs in the area.
It would be recalled that High Chief Kalejaiye gave Abete residents his words during the build-up to the presidential and governorship elections that if they could vote for all candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and deliver the polling unit 15, Ward D in Apapa road he would provide an alternative source of water for them.

Traditionally, Polling Unit 15, Ward D has been the stronghold of the Peoples Democratic Party and it has never been won by any other political party but with the philanthropic gesture of High Chief Kalejaiye, the political narratives of the polling unit has changed entirely.

Some of the residents that spoke with expressed their gratitude to the community head as they said their years of suffering and lack of access to water supply are over.
Commenting on the development, a resident of Abete, Adewole Oladapo said he who brings water to their community not only brings life but also peace of mind.

Adewole recalled the agony residents of Abete were subjected to, he said “We are overjoyed in our community as our community head has made good his promise of sinking a borehole which has been a major challenge for us in the community. It all started during the electioneering campaign when he gave us an offer to vote for all candidates of the All Progressives Congress in the February and March General elections. As we all know, Polling Unit 15 in ward D has never been won by any other political party except the PDP but with the offer from the Baale, we felt nothing could be better than that. So, we voted for APC and deliver the polling unit and he on his part has made good his promise of constructing a borehole for us as he promised. He who brings water brings life and peace of mind. We are really grateful to the Baale for his generosity and for providing good leadership to people of the community.”

In his response, High Chief Kalejaiye said he was motivated by the excellent leadership acumen of the national leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who has successfully laid the foundation for good governance and growth not only in Lagos State but in the entire country.
High Chief Kalejaiye added that the desire to keep his party, the APC in power is another motivation for him couple with the charge given to all members by the national leader to deliver their respective units in the election.

According to him, Ward D in Apapa Road polling unit 15 has been in the hands of the PDP since the inception of democracy in 1999. He said, if something is not urgently done, it could jeopardise the chances of the APC at the polls.
He added, “ l promise to deliver the polling unit for the APC, you can check the record, PDP was in control of that unit until now. I have broken the political jinx by promising the people to sink bore hole for them, since I know that water has been a major challenge and I felt it would be an opportunity of enthroning good leadership on one hand and getting what they have been lacking on the other. IAnd shortly after the presidential and legislative elections, I commenced the drilling of the borehole and I told the Abete community that lf they want the project to be completed all they need to do is to vote the right people in power. I demanded of them to vote our Governor and members of the State Assembly. And the result of that bargain manifested in APC winning that polling unit as they all came out to vote that is how we defeated the PDP in polling unit 15 ward D.”

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