May 30, 2024


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Caught in the act! Sanwo-Olu Caught Commercial Bus Driver Driving Against Traffic

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Moshood Aliyu
Governor Sanwo-Olu seems prepared for the challenges of governing a mega city State like Lagos state as when he was to be resting in his comfort zone after a hectic day at work, he was seen on a Lagos bridge scouting for erring commercial bus driver whom he believes are major contributors to the traffic congestion in the State.
And true to his belief, he caught a commuter bus driver while driving against the traffic on a major bridge in Lagos.

He said, “No doubt, the perennial traffic in Lagos can be reduced considerably if the government can renew commitment to deal decisively with traffic rules violators particularly the obnoxious and recalcitrant bus drivers in Lagos State. They are the major cause of preventable traffic and accidents in the state.”

Indeed, Better Days Seem Ahead For Lagos Residents As Action Governor Sanwo-Olu Means Business

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