June 15, 2024


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Opinion: Kunle Afolayan Offering Lifeline To Papilolo, Alabi Yellow

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Tunde Busari

Papalolo and Alabi Yellow are stars of yesteryears, specifically between mid-70s and early 80s. They contributed their respective talents to the growth achieved today in theatre industry, which is now a stage for all comers, gifted or not.

But their then shining stars were submerged by fog of time, hence their anonymous appearances in the space.

Kunle Afolayan

Save for Tayo Adelaja, publisher of InfoTrust, who often reminds me that Papilolo is resident in Ibadan and recently publicised sickness which detains Alabi Yellow in his Ikorodu home, I hardly remember these folks.

That is one reason I want to thank Kunle Afolayan, the proud son of the late Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love), who has just brought the duo back to the screen, featuring them in his new film titled ‘Mokalik.’

Kunle has again shown that he is true blood of his father whom he knows wouldn’t have folded his arm and allowed his generation of thespians sinking into oblivion alive. God bless this guy who as a kid must have appreciated the skills of these old soldiers at locations of his father’s films.

Aside Tunde Kelani, Tade Ogidan and, may be, a few others, Kunle Afolayan is another producer whose quality works I find pretty difficult to ignore. He understands the art and invests heavily in it, hence his progressing profile, after he had taken the obvious risk of dumping bank hall for film location years back.

I watched a couple of his films like Figurine and October 1 and attested to the elite class he belongs in the industry. God willing, I’m not going to miss this ‘Mokalik’ when it is brought down here.

Happily, cinema houses are back. So I need not punish my throat till the film is distributed to retailers to see it. The promo I have seen is an appetizer which I will savour till I watch the whole, hopefully soon.

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