May 14, 2024


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Opinion: ANTHONY JOSHUA: Punches Of Upset

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Tunde Busari

Anthony Joshua is down. O yes, he is down. But certainly he is not out. He is not because he can’t be now. How can he at just 29 when Bash Ali at 60+ still dreams a world title?

A lesson which this unexpected loss should teach Joshua and his camp is that upset is part of the sports. It is one feature which makes sports more lively.

We knew Mike Tyson would beat Mike Spinks silly in 1988. Who would not know? Who would stop the one nicknamed Iron? Can anyone hit an iron and remain sane? We knew too well that Spinks would kiss the canvas.

The upset in that bout, however, was that we didn’t see Tyson wrapping the match up minutes into the first round when some spectators had not settled on their seats.

We all fell for the hard punch of upset and mourned our loss of watching Tyson ‘s entertaining volcanic jabs which had earlier floored the likes of Larry Holmes, one who out punched my Muhammmed Ali and brought tears from my eyes.

Boxing is about rise and fall and rise and fall until final fatigue withdraws the gloves. I’m very optimistic that Joshua will also rise from the floor and reclaim his title.

Having WBA, IBF and WBO in one’s pocket naturally makes one vulnerable to upset as this. Success attracts many friends and family members as much as it draws enemies, the envious and destroyers.

I am not inferring that anyone or a group is out there to destroy Joshua. I have no facts to that effect. The principle of the game is that you lose some, draw some and win some.

Against this backdrop, no one should laugh at Joshua for falling four times from the punches of Andy Ruiz Jr. Falling four times for Ruiz, whose body structure is shaped like one who is sick, is that upset.

During their weigh-in session on Friday, the Ruiz I saw didn’t appear like one who would survive four rounds. At best, he was to me a wrestler that night with his 268 pounds.

Anyway, he has won and made history as first Mexican to have achieved that feat. Congratulations! But hear this: when next you meet Joshua again in the ring, prepare for your retirement. Go home and sip this victory.

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