May 30, 2024


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Beggars in Bank Premises, Customers Call For Urgent Actions

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Mojisola Lawal
Beggars in Lagos state, the centre of excellence have adopted new method in alms begging as some of them are seen patronising customers in banking premises and halls to beg for alms.
According to findings by, the intentions of these beggars are keep tab on customers, after the completion of their transactions, walk up to them and beg for money.

At the First Bank PLC Quick Service point in Ile-Iwe, bus-stop, Ikotun, Lagos, correspondent gathered that some beggars were seen loitering and begging bank customers for alms.
According to Vivian, sights of beggars who were dressed in corporate wears are common in most of the commercial banks in Lagos.

She recounts her experience, “I was at the banking hall for some cash withdrawal. There was a man standing behind me on the queue looking suspiciously at everybody that I felt disturbed. When it was my turn, I made my deposit and left. Surprisingly, this man rushed up to me begging for N200 to take a bus to Mushin. I was shocked and at the same time surprised knowing that he was on the queue behind me. He said he wasn’t there for deposit that he followed me to the banking hall to beg for alms. I gave him N100 and left. Later, I discovered that I had forgotten my keys on the cashier’s counter, I quickly rushed back. Could you believe I saw this man again, with another women begging for money. This new trend is worrisome. It threatened our safety. These people that were within the bank premises to beg for money could be tempted to steal or take to armed robbery. I doubt if the bank head and security are aware of this. Things need to be done to protect customers.”

Another customer, Ijaduade Alabi described the trend as worrisome and fearful. According to him, alms begging are no longer restricted to the street and this he said, calls for urgent actions.

He said, “I have encountered beggars on many occasion but it was either on the street or in the bus. There is now a new trend in alms begging. It has been extended to banks. Last week, it was an old woman but just this morning, an insurance agent with PAL Insurance Company approached me at the ATM point of First Bank at Ile-Iwe, in Ikotun pleading for money for transport. This guy was neatly dressed that you cannot but believed that he was there to market his company. What informed their choice of banking premises remain a mystery to me. I want to alert the general public and security agent to pay more attention to happenings within the banking hall and premise because things are happening there. These people might be there to spy on customers and end up robbing them. You never can tell.”

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