June 12, 2024


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Buhari Is Strength of APC, Says Senator Ibrahim

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Moshood Aliyu
Senator representing Katsina South, Senator Abu Ibrahim has said that President Muhamadu Buhari is the strength of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Senator Ibrahim in a chat with newsexplorersng.com in his Abuja residence disclosed that Buhari enjoyed massive popularity among Nigerians before the birth of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

He said, “Buhari is 70 per cent strength of the APC. Before the birth of APC, in his previous elections, he made over 12 million votes which he brought to APC. So every vote for APC is a vote for President Buhari because his popularity among the electorate is massive and it is not surprising that he has brought Nigeria back to the open embrace of the world. Nigeria is today a respected nation.”

Speaking on the expectations of Nigerians from the second term of President Buhari, Senator Ibrahim assured Nigerians of Buhari’s commitment to improving the standard of living of Nigerians and bequeaths to them a Nigeria that works.
Senator Ibrahim who is a four term senator at the upper legislative chamber said the intentions of President Buhari are clean and his sincerity towards fighting corruption, ending insecurity in the troubled parts of the country and provides employment for the teeming youth population is never to be doubted.

He said, “President Buhari is a very sincere person with good intentions. His intentions are to improve on the quality of lives of Nigerians and bequeath to Nigerians a country that works where peace, unity, stability and orderliness prevail. With President Buhari as the president, I can assure you that our country will be the better for it.”

While speaking on the unique attributes of President Buhari with his relationship with him, Senator Ibrahim whose journey at the Senate ends with the 8th Senate said President Muhamadu Buhari was his House Captain and his role model.

He declared that “I have known President Buhari since our Secondary school days. He was in Form Five when I was in Form One. He was my House Captain. He is a disciplinarian and a man of his words. As students, we were afraid of him for his strict and disciplined nature. He never tells lies and he is a man that will never deceive you. These are the attributes he grew up with which manifests in his attitudes towards power and governance. And these are what made me chose him as my role model and wherever he goes, I go. Whatever party he belongs, I belong.”

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