May 30, 2024


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Labour Leader Issa Aremu Reveals Why He Named His Child After Late MKO Abiola

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Subair Mohammed
Nigerian trade union activist and labour leader, Comrade Issa Aremu said the winner of the annulled June 12 presidential election, late Chief MKO Abiola was his mentor and that was why he named his child, Moshood who was given birth to during the June 12 struggle in 1993 as a mark of honour to the late political sage.

Comrade who was a guest on The Morning Show on Arise TV informed that during the June 12 struggle his wife of blessed memory was heavily pregnant and while Nigerians awaited the much celebrated broadcast of the then military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida, she was delivered of a baby boy.

He explained further, “I have said this to anyone before now. I named my child, Moshood after the Late MKO Abiola. There was struggle and protest on the delayed pronouncement of MKO Abiola as the winner of the June 12 election. So, as Nigerians anxiously awaited the much celebrated broadcast of the then General Ibrahim Babangida, IBB to announce the June 12 results, I said to myself, if IBB announced MKO as the winner, my child would be named after him but rather he annulled the elections. So for the June 12 struggle, the annulment and the love of MKO Abiola had for the masses, I named my child after him. He was indeed a true leader who had the love of Nigerians at heart.”

Comrade Issa who was Labour Party governorship candidate in Kwara State in the 2019 election stated further that democracy is a total commitment and that the only alternative to democracy is to further deepen it.

“Military rule is not an alternative to democratic rule. The sorry state the country is today was partly caused by the incursion of military in governance. So the only alternative to democratic rule is to further deepen democracy” he said.

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