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Moshood Aliyu

…New DG Lauds His Predecessor

The new Director general, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Major General Victor Ezugwu has lauded the outgoing DG, Major General Bamidele Ogunkale for laying solid foundation in his deliberate efforts to reposition the corporation to greater height which according to him was already yielding good dividend.

In his remarks during the handing and taking over ceremony at DICON Headquarters Kaduna, the new DG noted that the cames background he acquired in the last 30 years would enable him deliver on the mandate of taking DICON to the next level.

L-R Out-going DG DICON, Maj Gen Bamidele Ogunkale, handing over to in-coming DG Maj Gen Victor Ezugwu at DICON headquarters in Kaduna recently.
According to him, he was delighted to see that his immediate predecessor had made some giants strides in DICON and he was quite impressed with what he saw noting that DICON would become a pride of the nation under his watch.

He further said with sense of satisfaction that with the array of achievements recorded in the area of improved small arms production, excellent staff accommodation, implementable MoU’s with local and foreign partners would create the catalyst for sustainable growth of DICON.

General Ezugwu who was posted to DICON from the Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Kaduna, said, he was quite happy to announce to the management staff that it was as a result of his robust activities in the company and in addition to the array of military hard wares, which were products of the company that necessitated his recent posting to DICON.

“My tour of duty in DICON will be focusing majorly on local contents, I believe Nigeria has vast human and material resources; which if well harnessed we can push our foreign partners or suppliers out of business in the country’s huge market”.

He however pointed out that DICON management team had to take it gradually premised on a popular parlance in the Airforce which states that if one rushes, one will crash. He further stressed that it had to be a very systematic approach making local content which is the Corporation’s focus.

On exemplary leadership, the new DG charged the management team to show good example as well as promoting team spirit, adding that these would make their subordinates to fall in line.

According to him, it would be an aberration if the management staff was not what it should be, drawing inference from the present leadership in the country, one would discover that the president, Chief of Defence Staff and the Service Chiefs are all exemplary in conduct.

He thanked Gen Ogunkale for the good leadership quality he had shown while he served, stressing that he left DICON better than he met it, while promising to sustain the good legacy he left behind.

Earlier, in his remark, the out-going DG General Ogunkale noted that when he assumed office there were myriads of challenges on ground and he had to choose between maintaining the status-quo without rocking the boat or riding against the tide to make a difference.

According to him, his modest achievements in the office was predicated on adoption of the philosophy of candle stick which according to him gives light to its environment while it burns itself out, stressing that he made series of personal sacrifices in his deliberate efforts to reposition DICON to an enviable height.
He also stated that he made deliberate efforts to harness the potentials of various directorates as well as synergizing the activities of all sectors for improved and efficient service delivery.

Gen Ogunkale further disclosed that when he took over the mantle of leadership in DICON, the level of efficiency of most of the machines at the Ordinance Factory were rated below 10 per cent which implied a deem hope for resumption of production activities, adding that with unwavering commitment with the management team, the efficiency level of the machines was raised to 90 percent bench mark.

He said he was quite optimistic that General Ezugwu, the new DG DICON who sees him as a mentor would sustain the tempo of success stories emanating from the Corporation.

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