June 13, 2024


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My Marriage Is Full Of Lies, Torture, Deceit, Woman Tells Court

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Akin Olayemi

A married woman identified as Sani Aisha said her three year old marriage to her husband; Sani Momoh is full of lies, deceit, torture and lacks love.

She however prayed Gudu Grade I Area Court sitting in Abuja on Thursday to dissolve her marriage to him.

She said “I was unaware that my husband was married until the day his first wife came to our house and beat me up while I was pregnant.”

She narrated to the court that while she was praying to God to bless her with fruit of the womb, she never knew her husband had two children with his first wife.

“My husband brought his two children from another woman to live with us. One of the children died shortly after they moved in with us. But rather than console ourselves, my husband and his first wife accused her of killing the boy whereas he died in my arms of an unknown illness shortly after he returned from school. They did not believe my story. He took me to his family to swear to an oath with the Qur’an. I told him I wasn’t going to swear until he invited my family too. After series of argument, he again took me to his first wife’s village where I was attacked by her family, yet he never defended me. His first wife then told me that since I have killed her own son, she will also kill my son,” she said.

Apart from his many lies and distrust, Aisha said, her husband extorts money from her with a promise to pay back but he would not.

Responding to the allegations, Momoh said all what Aisha said about him being a liar and an extortionist were false.

He said Aisha deserted him when had challenges with his business and couldn’t afford to pay the rent on their two bedroom apartment.

He said, “I told her I could no longer afford to pay our house rent and suggested that we move into

a one-bedroom apartment until my financial state would improve but she refused and decided to move out of the house.”

The respondent refused to collect the bride price when asked if he was willing to accept the compensation as stipulated by Islamic Law

Meanwhile, a Gudu Grade I Area Court sitting in Abuja on Thursday granted Aisha’s prayer for the dissolution of her marriage to her husband.

In his ruling, Judge Ado Muktar said it was obvious that there was no love and trust in the marriage anymore.

He declared that “I, Ado Muktar, hereby, dissolve the marriage between Momoh and Aisha as stipulated by the Islamic law.”

He ordered that a divorce certificate be issued to the petitioner.

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