June 14, 2024


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Nigerians Want Woman Beater Senator Suspended, Recalled 

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Subair Mohammed

Some Nigerians have reacted to the viral CCTV video of Senator representing Adamawa State, Senator Elisha Abbo where he was seen slapping and verbally assaulting a shopkeeper in an adult shop and threatening to shot down her shop for telling him to “take it easy.”

Those that spoke to newsexplorersng.com described the act as ferocious and barbaric especially as it emanate from a lawmaker whose responsibility is to protect the interest of Nigerians.

Recall 41-year-old Senator Elisha representing Adamawa North constituency was pictured in CCTV footage bashing, slapping and verbally assaulting a female adult shopkeeper.

A female youth corps member, Kehinde Sofola said she felt bruised and dehumanised that a Senator in the presence of policemen could unleash such terror on an innocent young woman.

She said, “Allowing this to go amount to legalising violence against women. The Senator should be recalled and made to answer for the crime committed.

Rather than be seen to promote gender based legislation, the Senator was seen assault the shopkeeper.

I must say I felt bruised and dehumanised seeing that video online. He should be recalled and prosecuted for crime against women.”

Another female, a hairdresser, Raimat Oluwo woman beater politicians have nothing good to offer Nigerian female.

She argued that a politician that easily get provoked with a simply statement cannot promote the interest of women at the legislative chambers.

She said, “No responsible person would beat a woman. And it is unfortunate that this is happening less than a month into the commencement of the 9th Assembly. I want to implore female in both chambers to speak up against crime against women. They should make him apologise or possibly suspend him for the inhuman act.”

Kelvin Anthony laments the Senator’s ferocious attack just on a mere unharmed statement. He queried what he would have done if the lady mistakenly bashed the Senator’s car.

“If a simple statement could provoke the Senator, what would he have done if his car was damaged? It is an act of arrogance for him to have reacted in such manner. It is evidently clear that he is at the Senate for his interest and not for the interest of Nigerians” he said.

For Oluwaseun Akinyemi, Senator Elisha is a spoilt child who feels he was elected to frolic and oppress innocent women around Abuja with the aid of the Nigerian police.

Oluwaseun said, “That he was seen in an adult shop is easy embarrassment for him. But he is not bothered about this instead he was involved in a street fight. Nigeria’s politics need overhauling. We need a deviation from the statuesque. Our politicians need to be more responsible. It is only when they are responsible that Nigerians will enjoy the dividend of democracy.”

With what she described as public show of shame, Bola Adele believes Nigerian youths are not ready for position of authority.

She said, “If at 41, a senator could publicly act shamelessly like that, this implies that Nigerian youths are more of this world than being ready for political positions. Nigerian youths need reorientation and counselling for them to be ready for the task of nation building ahead.”

Meanwhile, Senator Elisha has said the viral CCTV footage has been doctored.

According to him, the incident happened in March in Abuja at a plaza. He claimed that the lady attacked him and he gave him close to what she did to him.


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