May 16, 2024


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Sexual Assault: Men of God Enjoy Naivety of Female Members, Bishop Otuya Alleges

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Subair Mohammed

…Says There Is No Structure To Protect Women In Christendom

President, Female Ministers of Nigeria, Bishop Priscilla Otuya has said that there is no structure in the Christendom to protect women against rape and sexual molestation.

Bishop Otuya laments that women in churches are seen as mere toys and objects to be played with by some pastors who lack good morals and adequate knowledge of the scripture.

She said, “The structure in existence today in the Christendom does not have anything to protect women against rape and sexual molestation. Nothing is seen to protect the interest of women. Women are seen as mere toys to be played with.

“As a female you must know yourself; know what you stand for and know the God you serve. If you are equipped with adequate knowledge of the scripture, nobody will bamboozle you or exploit you in the name of deliverance, miracle or religion.”

She stressed further, “Male ministers enjoy the naivety of their female members. As female ministers, we exist not to fight our men but to educate our women that they are special beings therefore they are not to be exploited or sexually harassed. I have not seen any association of Pastors in Nigeria or in Churches that have taken it upon themselves to protect female against rape and sexual assault.”

Commenting on the allegation of rape and sexual assault against COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by Busola Dakolo, a celebrity photographer and wife of soul singer, Timi Dakolo, Bishop Otuya said God has a purpose for everything that happened.

She said, “This is just an allegation and it is somehow dicey to be on the corner without first-hand information to form opinion. But the truth is, sexual immorality in churches is real among ministers of God.

“We have a mixed multitude among ministers of God. The bible says when my people came together, the servant of God came together, Lucifer came among them. So that someone claimed to be a minister of God does not mean s/he is truly one. There are different cadre of ministers of God. There are the genuine ministers of God, there are half-baked ones and there are the fake ones too. If you are a genuine minister of God, you’ll know that it is wrong for you to be calling the name of God and get involved in sexual immoralities.

“The half-baked ministers of God are open to temptations and dangers. There are the agents of the devil in human clothing that are in churches to rubbish the name of God.

It is only Pastor Fatoyinbo, Busola and God that know the truth. These are the three that know what really went down. Definitely, Busola has her reason for going public with such weighty allegations against a man of God. I will suggest that the elders of that church call a truce meeting to iron this thing out in-house. They should resolve this amicably. And to Pastor Fatoyinbo, I want to say, even if you don’t commit any sin or do terrible things, the devil has a way of rubbishing people’s image and dignity. God also uses such a thing to promote his people.

“Let us forget about sentiment and the story told, genuine Christians experience persecution to prosper. Pastor Fatoyinbo is not the first man of God to be accused of such but this didn’t stop them from getting to where God wants them to be.

So if he is innocent God will vindicate him but if his is guilty, I want him to repent and seek God’s forgiveness, and God will forgive him.”



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