June 12, 2024


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We Will Reform Judiciary To Promote Equity And Efficiency – Oyo Govt

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Olusakin Babalola,Ibadan
Oyo State government has expressed its readiness to reform the judicial sector for the purpose of promoting equity and efficiency of the law courts in dispensing justice to the people without favour or delay.
The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Oyo State, Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo expressed the readiness of Governor Seyi  Makinde’s   administration to achieve this task within the shortest period of its assumption of office.
Prof. Oyewo disclosed this during an interactive session with journalists in his office shortly after an inaugural meeting with the management team of the ministry which took place at his office in Ibadan.
The Attorney General  said priority will be placed on adherence to the observance of principle of law in order to change public perception about judicial sector and at all times, the ministry of Justice would synergize with the legislative arms of government in the state to review the outdated laws of Oyo State for the benefit of all and sundry.
Prof. Oyewo stressed further that necessary steps would be taken to reduce the burden on the law courts and ensure disputes before the court enjoy quick hearings .
“We are aware of the mandate before our ministry, we will work closely with all the ministries and key stakeholders like police to ensure that cases that come to court are given expeditious hearings.
“This is in concert with the programme of the current administration to see to the change of perspectives people have about the judicial system as predisposed to the wealthy instead of the general masses.
“The State government under Governor Seyi Makinde is ready to change the perception of the people that our law courts are up for sale to the highest bidder or will only favour the rich or affluent. Justice will henceforth be for all no matter the class in the society.
While reiterating the importance of digitization in administration of justice, Prof. Oyewo affirmed that there was need to create a viable platform for proper rehabilitation of prisoners who were released through prerogative of mercy for them to turn a new leave.
“We are going to come up with policies that the judiciary will focus on. For instance, non-custodial sentences policy and parole system for prisoners rehabilitation. An effective parole  system will be introduced so that prisoners that were given prerogative of mercy did not go back prison, this will be done in conjunction with the religious leaders, civil society and charity organisations.”
Prof. Oyewo added that the Ministry would work towards creating a law reform department in the ministry as well as a law reform commission in the state.
He admonished staffers of the ministry to be proactive in discharge of duties and give their support to the programmes and policies of the present government for the success of all and sundry. .

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