May 30, 2024


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38 Years Old SPAC Nation Pastor And His Team Announce Empowerment For Youths

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By Our Correspondent.
 A  38-year-old Pastor  ,Tobi Adegboyega based in the United Kingdom ,has announced a good package aimed at addressing the problems of Nigerian youths which include among others unemployment ,poverty and consequent insecurity which pervade the clime.

Tobi Adegboyega of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, SPAC, Nation ,London disclosed this while speaking with news men after a   prayer session.
The young Minister of God and his team said “We have three main focuses when it comes to Nigerian youths and they include job creation,security and opportunities which have eluded the youths over years”
“Over the years in the United Kingdom ,we have created jobs for thousands of youths by raising funds for young people who have brilliant ideas but lack capital to start.
He clarified that it was not about giving physical cash to the youths as such might be subject to diversion and consequent sabotage of the project.
“We have been able to connect those who could provide funds for the needy  for them to start a business and the result has been 40  business regulated even at the UK system that looks as impossibility”he explained.
On how this will work,Pastor Tobi Adeboyega explained “We are already identifying many unexplored industries in Nigeria .An example is  the waste industries apart from the environmental benefits of having a strong waste management programme .
“We estimate that we can create thousands of jobs within 24 months in Lagos by investing some money into .Nigeria, generates over 62 million tons of wastes,54 million tons in Lagos alone ,he said.
According to him,this would take off in the country before the end of this year.
The Minister of God added “Our strength  has been the ability to bring those who have and those who need together and create something that will positively transform their lives..We have over N20 Million pledges apart from what we have already started with.
This,he noted,would curb insecurity that was one of the major challenges in the country adding “we did that in the UK.We went to areas that are commonly known for youths violence and change the narratives until crime reduced to almost nil. The biggest Police in the UK Can attest to this”

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