May 30, 2024


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Religious Organizations Shouldn’t Be For Offerings, Tithes Alone-Tobi

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Kolawole Ayinde

Religious Organizations world wide should review their activities and focus more on helping the poor and needy in the society,a London based Pastor of SPAC nation,Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has advised.

The 38 year old Pastor observed that poverty has pervaded the society especially African countries  making many people particularly Nigerian youths to go into crime and constituting nuisance to the society.
He recommended that religious organizations should complement the efforts of both states and Federal governments as SPAC Nation  would be doing shortly in
Speaking after a marathom fasting and prayer,Tobi appealed to Ministers of God in the two dominant religions to ensure that they are guided by the word of God which emphasised the need to care for the poor in the society
“At SPAC Nation we do more of giving than receiving. We are not a Church that is focussed on conventional tithes and offerings. We are more focussed on giving back to our communities through human capital development.
“We have a young man who used to be in prison for about three years. With God’s intervention,he has been able to turn his life round and now owns his own business. We have mentored many youths who are now doing very well in different areas of endeavours.
“One of our people now has an employment agency which has given jobs to over 100 people.We have another Lady who is involved in the business  of fashion accessories. If your product gets  the approval of Queen of  England,it means you have done something of the highest quality and that is what  this lady has done.
He disclosed that his ministry has the focusses of addressing the problems of the youths as regards unemployment security and providing educational opportunities.
Pastor Tobi noted that crime rate is high in Nigeria because of high unemployment rate stressing that devils find work for the idle hands.
,”Over the years in UK,we have created hundres of jobs for the unemployed youths by raising funds for those who have ideas but lack capital.We have been able to connect those who have funds to those who needed them to start businesses and the results have been 40 businesses created,he said
The SPAC Nation Pastor disclosed that his Ministry was passionate about the problems of Nigerian youths and would replicate this programme aimed at providing job opportunities for our youths.
“We have chosen different mentors and investors for different states in Nigeria.This means that all the 36 states will have certain amounts of money to help certain number of young people.36 mentors and investors in all with more than 20 dollars.This will be divided onto projects as we deem fit for each state,he explained .
Announcing that the empowerment programme facilitated for Nigeroan youths with the aid of companies chief executives and philantropists in the United Kingdom would come up before the end of the year,the minister of God said that the engagement of the youths would automatically address the problem of insecurity.

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