June 12, 2024


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SPAC Nation London To Establish Entrepreneurial School

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Ahmed Lawal

The Lead Pastor of the renowned Fastest growing movement  in the United Kingdom, SPAC Nation London, Tobi Adegboyega has disclosed his plan to establish an entrepreneurial school to address the problem of unemployment globally and reduce crime to the barest minimum.


The London based 38 year old Pastor of Yoruba dropped this hint when he featured on Channels Television Business Centre during the weekend, emphasising that his passion was for youths who are unemployed in most parts of the world.


He said “We are going to build one of the best entrepreneur schools in the world. People will come from Nigeria, Ghana and many countries free and young people will learn various disciplines from there.We tag the place Safe city for young people or life centre where they can learn.We are getting there gradually.The ultimate aim is that we want to tackle poverty that has turned many youths to criminals”


The Pastor stated that his team had considerably reduced crime rate in some areas in London by fighting poverty and empowering young men and women to be better persons of their dreams


The Nigerian-born pastor who is well known for his philanthropy, coupled with spiritualism, disclosed that he has established more than 40 businesses for young people since he left Nigeria for UK.


Reminiscing on how the journey began, Pastor Tobi said he was able to capture the hearts and souls of young men and women in Britain because he started by living his life for them. He created a means of survival from his earnings as a kitchen porter in London.


“I was working as a kitchen porter when I got to the UK from Nigeria. My plan was not to create a church. Fast forward to fourteen years, SPAC Nation is what it is now and I think what has happened is that I located the problem and I realised that there is a whole generation both in Nigeria and United Kingdom that have been left aside and labelled lazy and criminalized in the sstem, I tried to locate these guys and discovered that poverty mentality is the main problem.


“All I sought was how to solve the problems. I gained the trust of many young people because I sacrificed for them, living life for them. I was earning 400 Pounds in a month and I was giving 270 to the community and from there, we gained their trust from 3 people to thousands that we have now”.


When asked how he has been able to manage media and the masses criticism attributed to the past of some of the members , Pastor Tobi in his word said “crucifixion is fine, it leads to life. I don’t  always focus on what the media, all I do is to read the lives of people around me. I also make it known that church is a faith based organisation and we have to create something that people can’t deny.”


The focus of his empowerment, he said, is to make young people understand that there is different life aside from mediocrity and crime, and that is why he stayed motivated to keep changing the narratives of black people all over the world.


Expressing his greatest concerns on how churches have not been impacting on lives around, he observed that a street may accommodate more than ten Churches and people won’t even know that they still remain there apart from the noise they make sometimes and added that impact is what Gospel means to him.


The Pastor identified that poverty is the number one problem in the world, adding, it takes collective effort to reduce it to the barest minimum.

 and also that giving the needy money is the best way to assist them, and creation of micro business community to grow the economy that will eventually empower each and everyone that will eventually lead to crime free society.


Pastor Tobi is active on social media and can be engaged on Twitter and Instagram via @TobiAdegboyega_ and Tobi Adegboyega on Facebook

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