May 30, 2024


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FG Urged To Consider Plights Of Nigerians Before Re-introducing Tolls On Highways

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Akin Olayemi

Following the announcement of the return of toll gates on federal highways by the Federal Government on Wednesday after it was abolished 15 years ago under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye has cautioned the government not to inflict hardship on Nigerians considering the already tensed economic situations Nigerians are facing.

Describing the move as a step in the right direction as it is aimed at boosting the country’s revenue generation, High Chief Kalejaiye in an exclusive interview with an online news platform, advised that the federal government should try as much as possible to mitigate the physical and financial impacts of the proposed toll gates on Nigerians.

“We must commend the wisdom of the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola for such wonderful thoughts which has been his hallmarks.

His achievements when he was governor of Lagos state lend credence to this.

But considering the poor financial state of Nigerians, are we ready for an additional financial burden as suggested by the introduction of the toll gates?

What about the heavy traffic congestions that possibly would accompany the introduction of such policy on our highways?

Imagine the construction of a toll plaza on the third mainland bridge or the Lagos-Ibadan expressway with their busy nature?

There is nothing wrong in returning to toll system but the federal government should consider the plights of Nigerians especially of those Nigerians whose daily survival depend on the highways.”

In another development, High Chief Kalejaiye who is CEO of Kenny Cedar Hotel, Lagos also lamented the low quality of the locally produced rice which floods the market subsequent to the closure of the border.

According to him, the decision to shut the border to prevent influx of imported of rice in the country was ill-advised especially when the country’s rice production is at low ebb.

He stated that it is unfortunate that Nigerians families have to go through hard times to be able to afford rice in their homes.

He said, “It is unfortunate that Nigerians have to pay as high as N350 for a derica of local rice in spite of its stony and distasteful nature.

It is understandable that the ban is aimed at boosting locally produced rice but the federal government need to up the standard, taste and its availability before the border closure.

Our rice farmers need to do more in the area of supply and quality. It is when this is done, the FG can decisively put a stop to the importation of rice into the country.”

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