May 30, 2024


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Muslims Do Not Attach Much Importance To Media- CEO, Islam Channel

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Mojisola Lawal
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Islam Channel, UK Muhammed Ali Harrath said lack of finance is one of the challenges facing propagation of islam through the media.

Harrath while speaking on the attitudes of Muslim Millionaires and the need to invest in the media as a tool to propagating Islam in an interview with Muslim News Nigeria, identified lack of finance as one of the challenges facing media organisations noting that Muslims do not attach much importance to the media.

His words, “I think, Muslims don’t lack the funds. Muslims have money. In fact we do have a lot of money but the challenge is consciousness. Muslims do not attribute a lot of importance to media. I think we have to start educating fellow Muslims. We have to make them realize how important the media is, and make them invest in it. We don’t look for donations but investment and it’s important for Muslims to invest. We want the Muslim elite to come out with media ideas that are also commercially viable.
We have to have that balance – commercially viable media including business plans. At the same time, we need Muslim millionaires, businessmen to invest in Muslim media.”

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