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UK MP Is Playing Politics With Lives-Chair BOT SPAC Nation

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Akin Olayemi
SPAC Nation London, a renowned Pentecostal Church in the United Kingdom is far from the allegation of cultism because evidence abounds that the Church has been unrelenting in its crusade against crime and criminality thus complementing the government in the war against violence and crime.
This clarification was made by Rev. Dapo Adegboyega, Chairman of Board of Trustees of SPAC Nation London in a press statement which he issued and signed to refute an allegation made by a Lawmaker in the House of Commons.
Rev. Dapo asked “how can you accuse an organization that streams all her services and meetings live on all social media platforms of being a cult? It simply makes no sense. Cult activities are shrouded in secrecy.
There is nothing secret  about SPAC Nation London in all its activities.
He challenged the Lawmaker on what he has done or his impact on Croydon, his constituency which unfortunately is one of the most deprived areas in UK with an all time high crime rate of knife and youth violence.
“Year 2019 has been recorded as the highest on knife crime in a decade  and unfortunately
Croydon (his constituency) being one of the highest areas. There has been no single tweet or online outcry or condemnation of these criminal acts from this MP about these matters.
Rev. Dapo accused the Lawmaker of usurping the functions of others stressing “there are established government agencies and procedures in place to address whatever issues an organisation is facing instead of constituting an online judiciary and  passing judgment.”
The response to all his unverified accusations from the organisation was that he should allow the appropriate government organs to do their job instead of his shameless and insensitive campaign of calumny, the BOT Chairman pointed out.
He disclosed that during his presentation to the House of Commons, the MP was seriously cautioned against reckless statements by the Minister of Culture who redirected him to the processes and procedures for investigating any allegation before a conclusion is arrived at.
The BOT Chairman said that the MP was also found to have lied in his presentation to the House when he asserted that Pastor Tobi, the leader of Spac Nation had met the Prime Minister at Downing Street during a recent visit which was completely untrue.
He further gave a scorecard for the Church in respect of the endemic knife crime culture in the UK. stressing ‘knife crime in London reached an alarming height in 2019. In fact, the year is on record as London’s bloodiest year in a decade with over 169 violent killings in the capital.”
According to official figures, it costs the UK government and the taxpayers £3.2 million to investigate one homicide.
Nigeria born Pastor Tobi Adegboyega through the church he leads known as Spac Nation in 2019 alone,  has seen well over 63 knives voluntarily surrendered at their services and then handed over to the police.
Thus according to the figures above, the organisation has saved the UK govt £201.6 million in 2019 alone. Despite this, the organisation has never received any funding or grant from the government or any institution.
He reiterated  his earlier statement that the Church is not aware of any investigation by the Police into its activities adding “despite the sustained attacks against the church, the services are still as packed, full of life and energy as ever. This last Sunday and Thursday was especially packed with excited worshippers who continue to draw inspiration and strength for societal impact from the leadership of the senior Pastor.
It would be recalled that earlier before his presentation before the House, the MP was on BBC breakfast show with the Chairman of BOT of SPAC Nation where the MP was accused of playing politics with peoples lives.

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