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Gospel Must Be Inclusive – Pastor Adegboyega

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Akin Olayemi

BELIEVERS have been advised to find the balance and ensure that the gospel reaches all nooks and crannies of society and the world as this is the only way nations can be taken for God.

This admonition was given by the Global Lead Pastor of The Nxtion family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega who was speaking during the service of the ministry which was themed ‘Equilibrium.’

According to Pastor Tobi, equilibrium is God’s present project which is aimed at lifting people out of poverty by equalising and just redistribution of resources and opportunities.

He explained that God will always lift people who find the equilibrium not minding their spiritual state, therefore equalisation is needed to take all of these lifted ones for God.

‘We need opposing forces to balance out so we can achieve equilibrium. Rahab and Mary were opposing forces but their action in producing something balanced them out. They both had a role to play in the equilibrium which produced Jesus Christ.’

PT said the Church should be a platform for unifying the factors required for achieving the equilibrium God requires, and should therefore not be judgmental, adding that the biggest critics who make it hard to achieve equilibrium, have hitherto come from the Church.

Quoting from different Bible passages which included Numbers 14:21 and Habakkuk 2:12 –14, the charismatic teacher of the word explained that without both terminals of a battery in pristine condition, the power needed to start an engine and spur it into motion cannot be generated.

‘A battery needs both terminals to cause the power that will lead to motion. To fulfil God’s purpose on earth, there must be equilibrium.’

Citing scriptural examples, the cutting-edge Pastor mentioned Moses as one who perfectly exemplified the crux of the message which was to show that man does not need to be perfect before being used by God.

‘Moses was the perfect guy in Pharaoh’s palace but out of nowhere, he became a murderer. That part of him becoming a murderer balanced out with what God had for him as the one who would deliver Israel. He found the equilibrium and Israel got delivered.’

Other examples given included Adam, Joseph and David all of whom had negatives brought out to even out the positives so as to achieve equilibrium.

He asserted that in order for Joseph to fulfil destiny, something had to go wrong so he would be sold into slavery and sent to jail. David was the perfect boy who killed Goliath but he was equalled out when he ordered the death of Uriah and took over his wife.

‘Remember that David who killed Goliath and was massively celebrated all over Israel later became a fugitive. It was to achieve the equilibrium needed for God’s plan to be actualized. God creates the perfect from the imperfect.’

‘Peter did not move because he wasn’t ready to find the equilibrium like Paul. Peter did not want to get defiled but Paul was ready to go all the way. This made it possible for him to reach the Gentiles. To take the nations for God, we have to go into the places where there are supposed negatives and use our positive to balance them. Isaiah 11:6-9 perfectly describes this equilibrium we are talking about.’

Concluding the message, Pastor Tobi said all human beings have the positive and negative terminals and need to just touch both together and create that spark that would lead to fulfilment of their kingdom assignments.

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