June 21, 2024


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TOOAN Board Of Trustees Affirms Istijabah As State Chairman, Express Readiness To Reorganize Lagos Chapter

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Akin Olayemi

The board of trustees of Tricycle Owners and Operators Association of Nigeria (TOOAN) has reaffirmed it’s commitment to reorganize the Lagos State chapter of the association ably led by Alhaji Azeez Abiola popularly known as  Istijabah.


According to a statement issued by the office of the board of trustees, titled “Setting the records straight: A word of caution to members of TOOAN”, the national leadership of the NURTW under the leadership of Alhaji Tajudeen Baruwa, endorsed the chairmanship of Istijabah while imploring members of TOOAN to cooperate with the caretaker committee to positively transform the transport sector of the state.


“By our well considered choice and ultimate endorsement by NURTW, backed with a letter of Appointment to Alh. Azeez Abiola, Istijaba, the stage is now set to reorganize TOOAN in Lagos State in line with decency, obedience to constituted authority, keeping to the law of the state government and the constitution of Nigeria” the statement read in part.

While discouraging it’s members in Lagos State to shun hooliganism, violence and thuggery and be good ambassadors of the association at all time, the leadership of TOOAN stated further, “The events of the last few days are not strange to you in our collective efforts at returning the Association to normalcy.

The leadership of TOOAN salutes and remains grateful to the enviable National leadership of NURTW under the presidency of Alh. (Prof) Tajudeen Ibikunle Baruwa for its wisdom, competence and genuine demonstration of what leadership should be while acceding to the choice of Lagos State Chairman of TOOAN.

TOOAN remains an affiliate of NURTW as this is a decision we have taken long before now without any iota of doubts until those who pride themselves as lords-above-the-law came on stage.

Nonetheless, NURTW is our brother union and the terms of our relationship as an affiliate shall remain guided by TOOAN. It was our choice, without coercion, that we voluntarily name TOOAN as TOOAN OF NURTW.


Each true and bonafide member of TOOAN should, therefore conduct himself or herself with civility at all times.

We urge you to prove to the lawless ones that you are refined, disciplined and cultured. Show to those perpetrators of evil or crimes that you are not one of them.

Be a good example of a genuine rider without any act of thuggery or hooliganism. Relate well with your passengers and project the Association in good shape.

Do not listen to those who are only interested in tarnishing your own image and reputation by instigating you into crimes and violence while they keep their own families and children away from implicating crithem

He who instigates you against others will one day instigate others against you. If you are a product of lies and deceit and you benefit by it, your gains can only be temporary.


Today, usurpers, gate-crashers, interlopers, impersonators, liars and pretenders have infiltrated TOOAN, though few of them, trying to reap where they did not sew. They tell stories they know nothing about because they claim they have the backing of a lawless warlord. By their characters you shall know them. They disrespect, disregard, detest obeying elders and constituted authorities but would want to be obeyed. Their days in TOOAN are numbered.”


Reacting to the campaign of calumny against Alhaji Azeez Abiola, the national body stated that law enforcement agents are investigating the assault.

“We are aware of the concocted and fabricated stories against Alh. Azeez Abiola, the TOOAN Lagos State Chairman after he was ambushed by Alh. Musiliu Akinsanya and mercilessly beaten with an intention to kill along with three other TOOAN members at NURTW State office on February 10, 2022 despite the stern warning against any instigation of violence by the National President of NURTW.


The law enforcement agencies are looking into that and would do the needful. Let the deceits and the liars continue in their trade, their descendants shall reap from their trade. Please, don’t be deceived into believing that those perpetrators of crime are having the backing of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

It is a ploy to hoodwink you. It’s a pure blackmail against Jagaban. They know they lack integrity and their actions are evil, thereby looking for an alibi to justify their lawlessness. Don’t fall for it!


Be cautious and guided not to contribute any amount to them in the name of trying to fight for you. Unless you are fooling yourself. Their intention is to continue to get you impoverished. Your interest is never their interest. Your money can only be sprayed at parties, turning you into cashcow while you labour to feed your family. Please, wise up!


A new dawn is here!. Feel free to call the attention of your branch Chairman to any form of crime you notice in your area while TOOAN State Chairman also does the needful. Tricycle business is a viable business that keeps you away from crime and for you to make a genuine leaving. Please, let’s be proud of you.

Remain calm, blessed, patriotic, troubles-free and obedient to the right authority” it stated.


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