June 23, 2024


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IWD 2022: Kalejaiye Demands Justice For Woman Murdered By BRT Driver

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Mojisola Lawal
High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye has congratulated women across the globe on the occasion of the 2022 International Women’s Day held every March 8.

Describing the day as a significant milestone that highlights the triumphs, struggles and challenges of women, Kalejaiye praised Nigerian women for their unique contribution to nation building, families, societies, and the world at large.

He commended the women for their active participation and successes in business and politics, noting that women are significant in the making of successful men.

He therefore urged them to keep playing the supportive roles in accordance with the popular saying that behind every success man there is a woman.

Speaking ahead of the 2023 general elections, Kalejaiye urged women in various field of endeavour to #BreaktheBias and support competence, merit and professionalism.

He said, “I congratulate the women on this year’s International Women’s Day. Women as our mother play very unique and essential role in keeping the home, moulding the children and maintaining the family. They are the fulcrum on which the family and the society stand.
I am therefore advocating for women empowerment, inclusion of Women in positions of authority and above all, justice and equity for the Women folks.”

High chief Kehinde Kalejaiye

Kalejaiye joins millions of Nigerians to demand for justice for the murdered 22 year old Miss Oluwabamishe Ayanwole.

He appealed to the Lagos State government ànd the commissioner of police to ensure justice is served and the perpetrator of the dastardly act is brought to justice.

“The death of Miss Ayanwole saddened my heart. It points to the fact that nowhere is safe in this country. If an innocent citizen could be killed in a BRT bus then we are in for the worse.
As the prime suspect, the driver of the BRT bus has been apprehended, justice must be seen to be done.

The Lagos State Government must not be seen covering up this dastardly act of daylight murder as the driver in a viral video has confessed to having carnal knowledge of the deceased and later killed her.

I therefore urge the Lagos state government and the Lagos state commissioner of Police to ensure that the case is completely compromised. They must not allow Bamishe to die in vain.”

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