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Be Agents Of Hope, Pastor Tobi Tells Leaders

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Akin Olayemi

A call has gone to leaders to do what they have been called so as to position themselves as agents of hope in a world desperately crying for leadership.

This call was made by the Global Lead Pastor of The Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega while speaking during the grand finale of the ministry’s recently concluded Word Conference which ended with Hope 2022 service on Sunday.

The service which was themed Hope 22: Christ and Class had ‘nationals’, as the ministry’s members are called travel to London from different cities across Europe to physically witness and experience the atmosphere they have been watching online for months.

Spoken Word poetry, drill music by Hope Dealers and other activities featured prior to Pastor Tobi mounting the stage to give the word and closing remarks.

The electrifying atmosphere became even more charged when the Global Lead Pastor took the stage. It was the moment many had been waiting for and they flowed with Pastor Tobi as he delivered the word in a very unique manner.

It was not your usual sermon as being experienced in a religious setting. The Nxtion Family has always said they are not about religion and Hope ’22 showed just that yet again. It was not just a sermon being preached, it was more.

PT who anchored his message on the book of Judges 5 said he was speaking on agents of change. He said hope is not about eloquence or anything similar to it.

“We are in a time when hope exceeds the church and religion. Hope is many traveling from different locations to the Nation. Hope is you seeing that the ones who speak to you are not perfect people. Hope is not about Church.”

He challenged the Church to redefine hope because the times have changed and believers need something different from just falling under the anointing while remaining on the ground in the areas of life that matter.

“Growing up in Church, I saw people fall under the anointing but they never rose; a generation that is still down despite falling under the anointing.”

Pastor Tobi hammered on the fact that religion had outlived its usefulness, saying religion is a scam that has nothing to do with hope.

PT referred to a hopeless nation is a Godless nation, saying that was the major problem plaguing third world countries where they continue to build religious structures instead of people.

“A nation that builds churches without raising people is a Godless nation. Miracles that are no longer relevant in our time are what we see in the third world. What the new generation needs are leaders who can cause change to the prevailing situational matter. The three things that characterise our communities – church, betting shops and crimes do not represent hope.”

The highly cerebral Pastor Tobi said The Nxtion Family represents hope as they have results to show for it in people who have been built over the years. He called out members who have benefited from being at The Nxtion Family.

“AT SPAC Nation, we represent Hope. We give, we don’t take. If you doubt Biblical examples, these are examples of hope that exist in your own time. Everyone mentioned here is not a Bible person that you cannot see or know. Everyone that has been mentioned here today is someone you can see, recognise and identify.”

“We gave hope during COVID, feeding 100,000 people in Nigeria every month. We reached out to families even in the UK and across Europe. It was not about religion, it was about hope.”

Pastor Tobi further explained that hope is a practical phenomenon, saying anything theoretical does not represent hope.

“Hope corrects your mistakes. You can make mistakes that turn life against you but hope restores you. We have people here who have made mistakes that landed them in jail but hope has truned things around for them.”

He said hope is working at The Nxtion Family because the leadership is leading and not afraid to be agents of hope in a world badly in need of hope. He disclosed that leaders at the ministry have taken the right approach by doing what they are called to do, which is leading.

“God raises leaders to fix nations, He does not fix nations. He raises men to fix the nations. God does not change gangs; we go out in His power to change people with our lives. If we do not arise, nothing changes.”

He charged the capacity congregation to go back to their communities and change their communities by carrying the weight and wealth of hope.

PT did not end his message without a word for critics who try to mock The Nxtion Family for ordaining young Pastors.

“What they don’t know is that we are trying to create leaders for the new generation. Hope is the key to a generation. Every problem we face now is because there are no leaders. Whatever you have or don’t have, we can all be agents of hope.”

After the message, Pator Tobi made a call for those willing to surrender their lives to Christ with up to a thousand people signifying to connect with hope.

The service was brought to a close with rejoicing as members wished they could go on, just like Jesus’ disciples asked for the Transfiguration experience not to end.

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