June 23, 2024


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RightPath Arabic School Churns Out 15 Qur’an Memorisers

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Mojisola Lawal

One of the foremost Arabic institutes in Lagos State, RightPath Arabic School on Sunday churned out 15 Qur’an memorisers.

The graduation ceremony which was organised for professionals including Chartered Accountant, Educationists, Pharmacists, Engineers, Professional Secretary, Lawyers, Information Technology experts and Professional farmer was held at the Lagos State New Secretariat Central Mosque Multipurpose hall, Ikeja, Lagos for graduates in the 4th and 5th adult sets.

Speaking on the journey towards achieving this feat, Ustaadh Yunus Al-Imam, disclosed that was full of challenges, including dearth of Arabic and Qur’an teachers.

Al-Imam however advised the graduands to bridge the gap by taking up Qur’an teaching job.

He said, “Today is historic. However, the journey towards achieving this milestone has been full of successes and challenges ranging from academic, financial, psychological, collective and personal from teachers, parents and the students respectively.

As you are graduating today, I want you to consider taking up teaching of the Qur’an. I want you to see teaching the glorious Qur’an as one of your responsibilities. Apart from the scarcity of this class of professionals, the amount that is expended on the payment of salary for Arabic and Islamic teachers is huge and this is affecting other developmental projects of the institution.

For instance, we pay over 20 teachers monthly at RightPath Arabic School whereas our monthly income is limited because some of the students don’t pay tuition fee.

Many students are unable to cope with school fees because of the poor financial status of their parents. They owe backlog of tuition fees, yet we cannot send them home.

I am saying this for the graduants to appreciate the teachers that sacrifice their time and resources for them to be able to acquire the knowledge we are celebrating today.

So, I am tasking you all to ponder on what you can do to assist those coming behind you. We train professionals at RightPath Arabic School. Many of today’s graduates are thorough bred professionals. They are not ordinary students and this is why our focus is on how our students will be useful to the larger society.

We are more concerned on how they will be useful for the propagation of Al-Islam and daaw’ah propagation.”

Speaking on the challenges, Al-Imam said, “The school, having observed the challenges of the society in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular, is trying seriously to provide solutions within its power and ability to some of the unidentified solutions.

One of the identified challenges is ignorance. From the past years, we have trained and tutored our students on how to be peaceful and pious Muslims in the society and serve Allah with knowledge and proofs.

We have also established RightPath Academy to serve the purpose of complete memorization of Qur’an, proper grooming and training about Islam, attainment of Ihdaadiy and Thanaawiy Certificates in two years.

We also observed the challenges of educating, training and bringing up pious and obedient children especially in this kind of society with mixed culture, level of Islamic understanding and the deception of enemies of Islam and more importantly to balance the education received by the children from both home and our modrasah, we initiated a programme tagged a Ter’biyah class where issues relating to parenting skills, children upbringing and Islamic education according to the way of the Prophet, his companions and past pious predecessors were able to train theirs.”  

The convocation lecture titled “Importance of knowledge and means and of attaining Allah’s blessings” was delivered by a revered Islamic scholar, As-shaykh Abdul-Majeed Imran Eleha.

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