June 12, 2024


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Cleric calls for Muslims participation in politics

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Mubarak Ajala
Muslims have been advised to be agents of positive change and good ambassadors of the religion of peace, Islam.

The advice were given by speakers at the annual Ramadan lecture organised by a frontline politician and community leader, Mr Azeem Owe in Itire-Ikate, Lagos.

Speaking on the theme, Islam and Politics, guest lecturer at the event, Imam Abdul-Ganee Suleiman disclosed that politics is an integral part of Islam reason it is mandatory for all true believers to participate in the governance of his society.

He said, “The glorious Quran touches on every aspect of human lives including politics. It is a code of life that guide and teaches every Muslim how to live a better life.

Talk about politics, a true Muslim is expected to uphold justice and tolerance which are the ingredients required to promote public interest and peaceful society.

But unfortunately these two ingredients are missing in our politicians. Many of them are intolerant and unjust in their handling of the affairs of the country which is why we are having challenges of insecurity, economic and youth restiveness and armed banditry.

A true Muslim without doubt will be a just political leader whose heart will be filled with fulfilling the needs of the people. A politician that fulfils the five pillars of Islam and practice the ways of the prophet of islam will definitely not rig election nor sponsor thugs to disrupt election process because with that Islam in him, he will know things of this world is temporary and you will give account of how you acquire everything you had even if its a dime.

Therefore, we cannot separate Islam from politics because Islam preaches equity, justice and good governance. Islam ensures equality between citizens and between the leader and the led.”

Speaking in similar vein, the organiser of the event, Mr Owe said the guide to a healthy political transition and a peaceful society lie in upholding the teachings of Islam.

According to him, the glorious Quran has all the answers to the country’s challenges, but unfortunately the political class are heedless.

He said, “it is disturbing that we witness an increasing rate of violence and thuggery when the country is approaching election year.

With the knowledge of this and as we are in the month of Ramadan, we feel holding this lecture with the theme ‘Islam and Politics’ will go along in opening the minds of our political leaders to the divine truth.
We have to let them know that Islam forbids hypocrisy and manipulation of election results. It forbids rigging an election to favour an unpopular candidate.
The country is approaching election year and as Muslims, it is compulsory for us to know our duties and roles before, during and after the election.

We cannot sit down and fold our arms and expect miracle to happen. If we few unconcerned about the political process then we have no right to complain about the kind of leadership that such election brings forth.

For instance, in Itire-Ikate LCDA, votes during elections are reducing and this is because aggrieved members of our party are not happy with the manner our leaders are handling the affairs of the party.

So, as we are approaching the next general election, I am appealing to all our leaders to right the wrong and be sincere in addressing all the issues raised by the aggrieved members.
So, I want to commend our governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu for transforming Lagos State. The governor has proven to be a focused leader and he has succeeded in managing successive challenges with calmness and zeal.
With his obvious achievements, giving him another term of office is what we are clamouring for for a sustained development.
We utterly support his bid for second term.
As Muslims we are disturbed by the political happenings in the country. Islam teaches fairness in politics and the fear of Almighty Allah in whatever we do.
My advice to our party leaders is to change their style and approach to the electorate for the better. They should also learn to say sorry to citizens and stop imposition of an aspirant over another in the spirit of Islam and fairness.”

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