June 23, 2024


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SPAC Nation Still Operates Fully, Pastor Tobi Responds To Critics

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Vincent John

Following the rumoured closure of SPAC Nation, a leading Pentecostal church in the UK by the Insolvency Department of Companies House UK, the Global Lead Pastor of the Ministry, Tobi Adegboyega says the information was not absolutely true.

According to Pastor Tobi, the entity that was wound up – Salvation Proclaimers Ministries Limited – was truly registered by promoters of SPAC NATION but that it was non-functional.

He stressed that SPAC Nation ministry is still in full operation.

“Those who know me very well know I do not respond to things like this. We have been attacked with different things at different times but I owe those who love us genuinely a response in the wake of different allegations. This is just to set the records straight.

We are a Church, not a limited company. We have a registered company which we do not have use of again and we also have a charity which is our religious arm. The company that is being wound up is no longer in use.
“However, because anything SPAC NATION elicits news, especially when it is a negative news, ill-informed people have taken the story and run with the idea of what they have been wishing for” he said.

Pastor Tobi said he was not disturbed by the campaign against the ministry as this was not the first time such was happening.

He assured all teeming lovers and supporters of the Ministry that there was no cause for alarm.

Responding to the different posts by Nigerian bloggers, Pastor Tobi said he was unperturbed.

“For many lazy bloggers, that is the kind of news they want. They need hits on their platforms and will go to any length to put news that is attractive to readers, some of who also lead sad lives and want to drag others into their sadness.

“SPAC NATION has not been shut down or wound up. We are still in the business of fulfilling our kingdom mandate, and nothing will stop us,” PT concluded.

Meanwhile, the organisation has since released an official statement clarifying the details of the news and its position on the matter.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the organisation, Rev. Dapo Adegboyega, certified the statement, a portion of which reads, “We recognise this decision and accept that one of our limited companies has been wound up and this is different to the charity arm under which the church and many of our churches and gatherings operate.”

The official press release given by SPAC NATION.

The document also noted that the SPAC NATION had initiated proposed efforts to “voluntarily shut down the company in question.”

The community has also definitively stated that it would continue its mission to mitigate crime, help people, and make community impact in acceptable, law-abiding expressions.

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