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2023: ‘Obi-dient Will Liberate Nigerians From Poverty, Hunger’

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Akin Olayemi

The National Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Barr Julius Abure, says the Obi-dient Nigerians Movement will change the face of struggle in the country and liberate Nigerians from poverty, hunger and deprivation.

The Movement, according to him, will liberate Nigerians and establish an egalitarian society where education and healthcare will be free and accessible to all.

He identified the presidential candidate of the LP, His Excellency; Peter Obi is a symbol of that struggle that will liberate the country. 

Abure made the statement at the formal integration of the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Anambra state in 2021, Valentine Ozigbo into the Labour Party at a ceremony held in Lagos on Tuesday. 

He said, “For us in Labour Party, it is not every Tom, Dick and Harry we receive into our party. We take our time to select those we receive in the party. You will agree with me that the Peter Obi’s Movement has crystallised with the Labour Party to be the People’s Movement of Nigeria that is driven on integrity, dignity, competence and capacity to deliver. 

Having laid this foundation, we therefore take into account persons who have credibility and have performed excellently in their chosen path in life.

When we were selecting the party’s candidates for the House of Representatives and House of Assembly, all of these parameters were put into consideration before we deliver our tickets to them because we appreciate the fact that today’s movement is driven on the principles I have explained earlier.

At this point, I want to say that His Excellency, Valentine Ozigbo has all those criteria and indicators to be a member of the LP and that is why I am welcoming him as a member of the party.

And that is why today we are happy that His Excellency Valentine Ozigbo is joining us in the struggle to liberate the country. I am happy today that you have joined the Movement that will change the face of struggle in Nigeria, the struggle that will liberate Nigerians from poverty, hunger and deprivation and turn it to an egalitarian society where education and health is free and where men and women are free to move about without fear of being kidnapped.

I am very happy to receive him today. I am assuring you of our commitment and supports.”

Commenting on the state of the nation, he said, “It is also pertinent to state that the country is in crisis. Today, inflation is in double digits. In fact, the last statistic released by the NBS revealed that inflationary rate is about 19.64 per cent. Over 80million Nigerians are living below the poverty belt and this is responsible for the increasing rate of insecurity in the country.

Before it will degenerate to the point where people will be eating themselves out of poverty because they have no food to eat, it is imperative that we rescue the country.”

Also speaking on the Obi-dient movement, presidential candidate of the LP, Peter Obi said, “We are here for a purpose. We are following the movement. Ours is no longer the usual party. It’s a movement to take back Nigeria and give it back to Nigerians. We have a country called Nigeria but we don’t have Nigeria because Nigerians are not proud to say they are Nigerians.

We want to start the journey that will take Nigeria back and set it on the path of progress. So those of you joining us know that we are going on a journey. I know that Nigerians, our party, the Labour Party and our candidates believe in this journey and that is why we want to stop the politics of time and money wasting to be replaced with politics that will make Nigerians live in a better society. It is important for us to do the right thing and that right thing is to sacrifice for the society to work. If the society works, our children will live a better life.”

Speaking on his joining the LP, Ozigbo said, “I am delighted to be among you this morning to formalise what had already been done. You know people may think it was such a difficult decision for me to crossover to LP but it is the easiest for me because in Labour Party I found peace and love.

A lot of things have made it so. It is no gainsaying with the depth of the relationship I have shared over the years with His Excellency Peter Obi, there is no way, he will be on the ballot and I will be anywhere else. I am proud to say I am 100 per cent Obi-dient.”

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