June 12, 2024


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Obey Holy Spirit to Move To Next Level, Bishop Okonkwo Urges Christians

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Vincent John

The Resident Pastor of The Redeem Evangelical Mission (TREM) Headquarters, Bishop Peace Okonkwo, has urged Christians to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit to move to the next level.

Bishop Okonkwo gave the admonition during a special service themed, ‘Next Level’ held at the TREM Covenant House, in Alagbado, Lagos.

While calling for diligence in the service to God, Bishop Okonkwo who is also the convener of International Women Prayer Conference (IWPC) said Nigerians must listen and obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit to excel in their individual and national endeavours.

She added, “Nigerians, particularly, Christians must listen and obey God’s instructions in order to excel in their everyday endeavours. Although God’s instructions may sometimes be difficult to undertake, for the promises of God to be profound, it must be activated by obedience to His commandments.

I therefore pray to God to heal our land and take us to the Next Level. I pray for the sick, those looking for the fruit of womb, business owners and children.”

Still on the journey to the next level, lead pastor, TREM, Alagbado, Lagos, Rev Sylvester Ashefor, advised politicians to be truthful to their callings by creating policies that would benefit the people.

According to him, obedience to the Holy Spirit is very important for the country to move to the next level.

He added, “The year 2023 is another opportunity given to us by God to choose our leaders. Nigerians must vote for leaders that are competent and have the capacity to address the challenges confronting us as a nation. I want Nigerians to be sincere and listen to the prompting of their spirits and come out to vote for competence and capability.

There is hunger and hardship in the land. The value of our currency is depreciating and the numbers of street beggars are increasing every day. Prices of commodities are increasing daily while the incomes of the people are not increasing. Their financial power is not increasing either. So, I want Nigerians to go all out and vote the right candidates in the 2023 State, Presidential and the National Assembly elections.

Politicians should stop playing on the intelligence of the people. They should see every position given to them, regardless of how they got it, as being entrusted to them by God. If God never supported it, they will never get that position.

Therefore, they should do everything with the fear of God and be conscious of the fact that they are in that position to manage the people and the resources of the country in trust. If they have the consciousness of God, they will do the right.

So, my advice to politicians is that they should not deceive the people. They are there because of the people therefore their policies and everything they do should be geared towards benefiting the people.

As Christians, we must obey what God tells us. We need to obey what the Holy Spirit tells us and obey the prompting of the spirit of God. This is the way to move to the next level.

Aside human efforts, we need God to achieve whatever aim. Remember the story of Peter in the Bible who with the right skills and tools went fishing at the right time but caught no fish.
He toiled all night until the word of God came to him. This tells us that no matter the level of your expertise or skill, you need the grace of God to move to the next level.”

There were song ministrations from various groups including the Covenant Senior Choir, the Covenant Children Choir as well as Bible verses presentation.

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