Participants express shock as Itire-Ikate LCDA vice-council chairman dodges public speech making



Residents and participants at the 2024 budget consultative forum of the Itire-Ikate LCDA, are in shock and disappointed over the sudden disappearance and inability of the vice-chairman of the council area, Hon. Yetunde Jimba to give her opening remarks.


In her capacity as the number two citizen of the LCDA, the emcee invited Hon Jimba to give her opening remark to commence the Year 2024 Budget Consultative Forum held at the council secretariat on Monday.


But as the emcee repeatedly invited her to the stage, she stood from her seat and stylishly walked out of the event venue with facial expression that depicts anger and frustration.


It would be recalled that, Jimba, a mother of two, was engrossed in certificate forgery scandal during the last local government election where she aspired for the chairmanship position.


It was alleged that the delectable politician didn’t possess West African School Certificate (WASC), the only certificate she claimed to have possessed with which she ran for the vice-chairmanship seat.


Since then her educational qualification has been a subject of controversy until the embarrassing situation where she publicly displayed low intelligence and her inability to address the public in English.


Back to the event, the arrival of top politicians and management team of the LCDA, including Hon Jimba, signalled the commencement of the program before the unexpected happened.


Flagging off the event, the emcee announced, “I want to let you know that the purpose of this event is to share ideas and minds to have a very progressive budget for the year 2024.


I am so glad to let you know that we have all the important stakeholders coming in in their numbers to negotiate a way forward for the progressive budget.


I therefore want to invite the vice-chairman of the LCDA, Hon. Yetunde Jimba, on stage to give her opening remarks. We are still expecting our vice chairman of the LCDA …” the emcee announced.


In a spontaneous reaction, Jimba sprang from her seat in defiance to the emcee invite and ‘stylishly’ walked out of the event ground to evade giving her opening remarks.


However, reactions have continued to trail the embarrassing moment Jimba walked out of top politicians and management team at the event as participants expressed disappointment over the inability of the vice chairman to address the public in English at such an important event.


One of the participant exclaimed, “This is humiliating! So the vice chairman cannot speak good English in public. She has a good gait and beauty but not the knowledge and confidence to address participants who were expecting her to make her first public speech making since her assumption of office.”


Another participant said, “I am more than disappointed with the way she stylishly ran out of the event venue when the compere invited her to give an opening remark.


Her attitude was an affront to senior politicians and party elders who were seated at the retreat. She burgled an opportunity to tell the world the stuff she’s made of as far as intelligence and knowledge is concerned. Although you cannot give what you don’t have.”


Another resident said, “Her welcome address during the palliatives sharing few months ago wasn’t anything to talk about. We are used to her flops. It’s never new to us.”


Another residents said “I recalled an incident that happened during a live stream of one of the loyalists of Hon. Apatira on Facebook where the vice chairman read and the atmosphere changed totally in the presence of APC Apex leader Chief D.O Adenekan, Rt Hon Arole Fancy ,former, Itire Ikate vice Chairman, Alh Mulikat Ajala,and many others. They were all disappointed in her level of intelligence.  Its so bad.”

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