July 12, 2024


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Opinion: Reno Omokri Calls Out Tinubu, Says He’s A Mere Male

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Look at how they are just disgracing him anyhow with Oando. When you have sold your people so cheaply, how will they respect you? In their eyes, a used sanitary pad has more value than you. When will you learn? Jagaban? by the time they are finished with you, you will be jagajaga!

Adekunle Fajuyi, who chose to die with Ironsi, rather than betray him, was a man. Tunde Idiagbon, who returned to Nigeria from Mecca, after he had been overthrown, was a man.

Ebitu Ukiwe, who chose to resign, rather than bow to that kleptomaniac buffoon called Abacha. That was a man. Obasanjo, who refused to remain in Copenhagen, but returned to answer phantom charges of coup plotting, is a man.

Bola Tinubu is just a mere male. He is NOT a man. When you opened that your smelly yellow teeth mouth to openly insult Olusegun Obasanjo, a man old enough to be your father, a man who fought for Nigeria in war and led her in peace, I told you God will reward you. Tinubu, go and apologise to Obasanjo and maybe you will get some relief #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosDarts

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