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Community Head Calls for Police investigation of Hotelier for Cultism, Ritualism

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…Victim alleged police conspiracy

Akin Olayemi

A night security guard who was a victim of June 9th, 2019 cultist attack, Adeyemi Owonikoko has cried out to the Lagos State police Command over the conspiracy by officers of the Iponri police Station to hide the truth and exonerate the suspect, an hotelier, Mr. Olayemi Olorunishola of all allegations in spite of glaring evidences.

Adeyemi lamented that his attackers, Mr Olorunnishola and some members of Eiye confraternity bribed officers at the Iponri police Station to kill his case.

According to him, almost a month after the attack, Mr Alfred, the Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case called to request for doctor’s report and that they are transferring the case to Zone 2 command without any form of arrest or questioning of the suspects.

Newsexplorersmg.com had reported that a security guard, Adeyemi Owonikoko while on duty was attacked by X-Garden staff and some were members of Eiye cult group with machetes, Iron rod, broken bottles and knives on the order of the owner of X-Garden Hotel, Mr Olayemi Olorunnishola on the 9th of June 2019.

Follow this link to read more: http://newsexplorersng.com/hotel-workers-brutalised-security-man-with-machetes-iron-rods/

Consequent to the attack, Adeyemi who was beaten to a near death situation was hospitalised at the Federal Medical Centre, Ebute Metta for multiple fracture and swollen head and face.

Speaking on the move by the police to suppress justice, Adeyemi said he was more than shocked when Mr Alfred informed him about his case being transferred to Zone 2 police command in Onikan.

He quizzed, “How can a crime suspect be the one to transfer a case to another station”?

Adeyemi on his hospital bed at the Federal Medical Centre, Ebute metta

He narrated further, “Since I reported the case at the Iponri Police station, there was never a time the IPO called me.

I was surprised when he called me three days ago demanding for the doctor’s report that was given to me. He said he needed it for the case to be transferred to Zone 2 police command, Onikan without prior questioning or arrest of the suspects. I can feel the hands of Mr Olorunishola in this whole issue. The Iponri police station and the IPO are not helping the situation.

Owonikoko at his hospital bed at the Federal Medical Centre, Ebute Meta

They have been bribed and compromised. If not, why should my attackers, the Eiye confraternity members and Mr Olayemi Olorunnishola be seen walking freely while I wriggle in pain?

Mr Olayemi with the assistance of the police is attempting to turn the table around as he has threatened to sue some people in the community.

“This is not a false claim. He ordered his boys to kill me and many people witnessed it. I am appealing to the Lagos state government, the State police command to intervene in this case for me not to suffer injustice.”

The traditional head of Otumara community, Apapa road, Ojoniyun and its environs, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye who visited the victim at the hospital to assess the level of the attack attested to Mr Olorunnishola and the kogbagidi boys to being the culprits.

High Chief kalejaiye who grieved over police attempt to protecting Olorunnishola from answering for the crime he committed beseech the Lagos State police Commissioner, Zubairu Muazu to wade into the matter and investigate Olorunnishola for cultism and ritualism.

High Chief Kalejaiye

He said, “I am calling on the Lagos state police Commissioner, Mr Zubairu Muazu to investigate the owner of X-Garden hotel for his atrocious behaviours particularly for sponsoring a violent attack on Adeyemi Owonikoko with the assistance of Kogbagidi boys headed by a young man known as Tayo.

Olorunnishola was behind the attack which was intended to kill Adeyemi on the 9th of June 2019. He is the financier of Eiye cult group in Ebute Metta led by Tayo whom he ordered to kill the victim.

The truth is in the public domain and it is difficult to hide the truth. Olorunnishola wanted to suppress justice but it was clearly stated by the victim that Olorunnishola engaged the services of kogbagidi boys to kill him.

In fact, he should be in police custody with his boys but they are seen walking the street as freemen. He has bribed his way to evade justice. I am firmly rooted for justice.

I won’t allow a suspected criminal to be terrorising our community.

Therefore, I am calling on the Lagos Police command to investigate the nefarious activities of the suspects with the role he played in the attempted murder of the security guard, Adeyemi and importantly, his relationship with the Kogbagidi boys who for some years have been on the police wanted list and the complicity of Iponri police station in transferring the case to the Zone 2 command.

The incident happened under the jurisdiction of Iponri police station, so, why should it be transferred to another station. On justice I stand. I seek Justice for Owonikoko and freedom from oppression for all residents of Ebute metta, west.”

Meanwhile when newsexplorersng.com visited X-Garden hotel in Ebute-metta for his side of the story, our correspondent was barred from gaining access into the hotel by the security guard who said his boss, Mr Olayemi Olorunnishola was not around at the time of filing in this report.

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