July 9, 2024


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SPAC Nation Has No case to answer, says London Metropolitan Police

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By Our Correspondent.
Foreign media in London have reported  during the week that SPAC Nation, the renowned Pentecostal Church accused of wrong doings by a politician and  some former members of the Church has no case to answer .
 The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Huff Post and others came out with their stories with headlines “SPAC Nation:No criminal Probe Into Evangelical Church,SPAC Nation:, Police Will not Open Criminal inquiry Into Allegations”
The BBC and Huff Post reported that Police  have announced that they would not launch a criminal inquiry into an Evangelical Church accused of financially exploiting  young people.
“The London MET Police held a  review  into allegations of fraud and other offences against  people associated with the SPAC Nation but has not found any  criminal action,it was reported.
A Parliamentarian,Steve Reel and some former members of SPAC accused the management of the Church of  exploiting the youths and petitioned that its activities should be probed.
The Church has earlier been positively reported globally by the media for resettling the knife criminals and delinquents in the United Kingdom and riding the society of hardened criminals most who have been transformed and empowered
In his reaction ,Rev.Dapo Adegboyega,the Chairman of  SPAC Nation Board of Trustees has commended the foreign media for upholding professional journalism by reporting the update on their earlier negative reportage.
He said in a statement  made available to the media”Thank you for having the decency and courtesy to update your esteemed readers on this matter.
Our response remains the same from the beginning!
“Our devotion and selflessness to our community and the society, Preaching the Good news of Jesus and life abundantly to all, remains unchanged despite the various attacks.
“We have a proven and verifiable track record of successes where most organisations are struggling!
“There is no amount of attack and negative campaign of calumny from any level of society that can stop the Church of Jesus! We stand for the gospel and the prosperity of every individual!
“We were hoping that the entire system will join us to win this war against the collective and societal well-being thereby fostering a greater community.
“We are committed to standards of best practices and we will not condone any act of lawlessness or illegality. We take complaints very seriously, hence our open door policy and ease of reporting any issues.
“!However, It’s in the society’s interest that publications are well researched and investigated before maligning a reputable organisation; listening to a couple of disgruntled individuals over thousands of others can’t be fair!
In the words of our Senior Pastor, (Pst. Tobi Adegboyega) “we want to work with everyone who means well for our society, we can’t do it alone”
Whilst we keep getting better at helping the society, we will also keep looking out for any individual who may want to tarnish the image of the Church.
“We sincerely hope that others who have published or made negative comments will also have the decency of character  withdraw such.
Meanwhile ,the Lead Pastor of the Church,Pastor Tobi has assured that SPAC Nation would forge ahead in its resolve to depopulate the kingdom of Satan .
He reiterated his desire to empower the youths in London and carried the good work to Nigeria, his country .

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