July 23, 2024


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Say no to bill banning power generators, Kalejaiye urges Nigerians

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Mojisola Lawal

Traditional head of Otumara community, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye has described as ill-conceived and anti-masses the proposed bill banning the importation, sales and use of electricity generating sets sponsored on the floor of the Senate by a Senator representing Niger South, Bima Muhammad Enagi.

According to the bill titled “A bill for an act to prohibit/ban the importation/use of generating sets” which criminalised the use, sales and importation of electricity generating set and has scaled through the first reading, anybody found guilty of the offence is liable to ten years imprisonment.

The bill, however excludes hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities, airports, railway stations, elevators, research institutes and such facilities that require 24hrs of electric power supply.

Reacting to the bill, Kalejaiye queried the intention of its sponsor noting that unlike the ban on importation of foreign rice into the country which has locally sourced foods as alternatives, the only alternatives to constant electricity is power generating sets.

According to him, almost 90 per cent of homes and businesses in the country rely on electricity generators for electricity supply, he said, if the bill is finally passed, it will throw the country in total darkness and crumble businesses.

He stated further “Such bill that seeks to prohibits the importation, sales and use of electricity generating set in a country like ours shouldn’t be allowed to fly. It is too dangerous for the economy, homes and businesses if allowed to pass through the second and finally reading.

The appalling state of electricity supply in the country needs urgent attention. It needs to be fixed before the emergence of such bill. This isn’t about the ban on importation of rice and other foreign products which have many alternatives. The only substitute to power generator is the power generating set that is under attack.

While I appreciate the exclusion of hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities, it saddened my heart to see that it is allowed to be used at government offices, airports and railways. If the bill is about keeping the government on its toes to provide infrastructure amenities for the populace, let it affects government edifices like the presidency, National Assembly, States Assemblies and other government offices. Let them not use power generator and see what becomes of the country. For me, the bill is anti-masses and ill conceived.”

While calling on the Federal Government to fix the challenges of poor electricity supply, Kalejaiye advised Nigerians to resist the bill and not allow it to see the light of the day.

He said, “For the interest of the masses and aspiring entrepreneurs the bill must not be passed into law. And if it does, it will further segregate the rich from the poor. It will throw the poor into darkness while their businesses which are powered by generators suffer. And of course, the rich bask in the euphoria of constant electricity supply. Let the government fix electricity problem in the country before considering any ban on electricity generating sets.”



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