July 23, 2024


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COVID-19: Beneficiaries Laud SPAC Nation Business Support

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Mojisola Lawal

NIGERIAN youths who pitched their business ideas and were rewarded with one hundred thousand naira each have registered their gratitude to London based SPAC Nation and Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Lead Pastor.

It would be recalled that youths with online business presence were asked to pitch their ideas to Ubi Franklin, an entrepreneur who is a popular figure among youths and host of the Instagram Live programme Talks With Ubi Franklin Live.

An army of youths did as instructed out of which some have been chosen to receive a sum of one hundred thousand naira each to support their businesses.

According to Amayo Precious, a female shoemaker who was one of the beneficiaries, she participated in The Pitch with Ubi Franklin for her business support. “Big thanks to SPAC Nation and Pastor Tobi Adegboyega for the opportunity. When I was told I emerged as one of the winners, I could not hold back.” While registering her thanks, she was shedding tears of joy as the funds meant a lot to her. Precious was short of words as all she could say over and over was “God will bless you”.

She added that the money would go a long way in helping her shoemaking business. “It would provide table, machines and other things that I have really needed for my business to thrive.” She showed off some of her shoes and added that part of the money would go into getting more materials for her business.

Bianca Ndubuisi also appreciated SPAC Nation and Pastor Tobi Adegboyega for extending their hands of love to her and other Nigerian youths. “I want to say a very big thank you to SPAC Nation London, Pastor Adegboyega and Ubi Franklin for the business support money. I have gotten mine and when all this COVID issue is over, I will definitely use the funds to get NAFDAC certification. Thank you, God bless you.”

Another beneficiary who did not mention his name said “thank you so much SPAC Nation London, thank you so much Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, thank you so much Ubi Franklin. I appreciate you all for giving me one hundred thousand naira for my business. I pray the Lord will keep filling your pockets in Jesus name.”

A woman whose daughter said her thanks was categorical about the way the money would be judiciously spent. The little girl said her thanks to SPAC Nation as well as Pastor Tobi and Ubi Franklin. “Hello Mr. Ubi and SPAC Nation, we have received the hundred thousand naira. Thank you so much, you guys are amazing. There are two things we will use the money to buy. First is kitchen utensils to help in doing our work and the second is camera and camera stand as this is better than hanging phones to do our recordings. My prayer for you is that you will keep going higher and higher. Thank you so much, we appreciate you as a family.”

Another beneficiary whose name was not mentioned said she was eternally grateful to God for using SPAC Nation and Pastor Tobi to lift her business. “I am here to say a very big thank you to SPAC Nation London, to Pastor Tobi and Ubi Franklin for the hundred thousand naira I received to support my business. I want to say that God will bless you all abundantly.”

A skin and hair care product entrepreneur who was among the winners said she cannot wait for the pandemic to be over so she can purchase all the equipment needed for the expansion of her business.

In his response, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega returned all the praises to God and appreciated his team for their commitment and sacrifice. “We remain committed to making impact in the lives of as many people as God helps us to touch. One thing that is sure is that we will not rest, we will keep doing our best with the help of God.”

The SPAC Nation Lead Pastor further said that more people will be picked for empowerment. “We have more people in mind; we are looking at helping fifty businesses with funds that have been contributed by our people who are devoted to ensure other people rise.”

 “Our next programme is in collaboration with Global Initiative For The Advancement of Africa (GIAA). It is called Nigeria Emergency Food Response Action (NEFORA) and is targeted towards feeding more than one hundred thousand Nigerian families.”

Pastor Tobi said the initiative is in support of the Nigerian government’s effort to provide palliatives for indigent families across Nigeria during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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