July 14, 2024


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Every New Thing Will Generate Controversy

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By Mojisola Lawal
A London based Minister of God, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has asserted that every new thing in life generates controversy and that pioneers must focus on their vision to ignore naysayers and prevent distractions.
Adegboyega, known for his commendable efforts at ending knife violence in London and bringing prosperity to young people made this statement in light of having been under the scrutiny of the media lately.
Speaking in London with  Zeze Millz an independent online media sensation on  allegations of extortion leveled against him and his church members which have been dismissed, the 39-year-old pastor emphasized that those behind such have realised this truth that they are being misled
He said, “Black people do not have a community, unlike whites and Asians. The only community that we have nowadays is social media. Case in point – there was unnecessary social media drama that an MP who should know better latched onto. Anyway, the allegations leveled against SPAC Nation were ‘tagged’ ridiculous and a waste of time by Scotland Yard.”
Furthermore, the cleric said it was not right to blame the Church for what happened between individuals. “We cannot blame a whole church for a romantic relationship that went wrong between two people.”
When asked about the constant controversy that seems to trail the Church, Pastor Tobi first established that every model must respond to the needs of the community it finds itself, adding that results should take precedent over personal bias.
“We have our ways of doing things. These do not necessarily conform to those people have known over the years. It is a new way, and everything that is new will generate controversies.”
The Church which has rehabilitated thousands of youths in London, led them to Christ and given them economic independence, has come under vicious attacks by a group in the city.
On  those  regarding establishing churches for commercial purpose, he said “You don’t make money by running a Church. The problem with our community is that they assume without caring to find out. I am more broke because of Church.”
“The stingiest Pastor is probably better than the best businessman because you have to give because there are people who have needs in Church. 80 percent of what is given to a Pastor goes back to the needy people in his congregation.”
One of the basis for contention with Pastor Tobi Adeboyega is the allegation that he leads a flamboyant life, wearing latest designer labels which are deemed to contradict the modesty expected of clergymen. He responded by saying he was not one to pretend to be modest and that he dresses as he deems comfortable.
“I had a lifestyle before becoming a Pastor. I wear what I have. My dressing does not have to conform to what Pastors wear. I don’t wear clothes to show off on social media. A Pastor should lead a normal life, not pretend modesty.”
He said that it was regrettable to note that SPAC Nation has been unfairly targeted and being of a predominantly certain race might be responsible. “If happenings in SPAC Nation were to be seen in another religion, there would not be this much furore.”
“Our purpose guides our values which helps us maintain focus. We look inward and take stock at the end of every month to know how many lives we have touched. That is more important than popularity or being seen as a nice man. Let us leave that to politicians.”
When accused that SPAC Nation exhibits a flashy lifestyle to attract youths, Pastor Tobi laughed it off and responded that his lifestyle does not connote what obtains at SPAC Nation.
“My lifestyle is the last thing anyone is concerned about at SPAC Nation. If you get attracted by supposed flashiness, it will take the back seat once you get to SPAC Nation and feel the real fabric of our culture. There are lots of important things to concentrate on. Therein is the value of people development to concentrate on instead of subscribing to a life of luxury.”

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