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‘My position on the leadership and developmental crisis in Otumara community’

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By High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye

Otumara is a community that is so dear to my heart. Why is this so? This is because it is a community of people that believe in dignity of labour.

It is a community that is populated by people who through their sweat and strength earn an honesty living.

And above all, it’s a community where by the grace of God I oversee the affairs of its people, a responsibility that was conferred on me and sanctioned by the government, monarchs and the chieftaincy committee of the Lagos Mainland Local Government.

Few years ago, history was made when I was installed as the Baale, the community head of Otumara 11, Apapa road and its environs.

From that day onward, I had pledged my allegiance to the people of Otumara to be dutiful to them, serve and protect their interests against all odds and also to use my God-given resources to promote peace, unity, progress and developmental agendas of the community.

Today, I am bold to say before everyone reading this piece that I have strongly adhered to and promote these resolutions to the best of my ability as I rule over the affairs of my subjects in the community.

Collectively as a people, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of life and especially of living in a slummy community like ours.

And during these periods, I have selflessly offered a shoulder to lean on to the downtrodden, the aching and burdened hearts.

I have also shared in the joy and merry moments of the joyous hearts. So, why would I want to collapse the community that I have collectively built with other patriots and stakeholders?

Why would i want to destabilise and hinder the growth of Otumara when I have been one of the contributors to the growth agenda in the community?

I humbly request for a moment from all souls reading this write-up to share some of my interventions since I was installed as the Baale of Otumara community.

One of the challenges confronting Otumara residents is lack of access to water supply.

On a daily basis thousands of residents throng the district to source for water for their daily domestic use.

Filled with passion to serve and positively impact lives, I sunk a borehole at the Moss street axis of the community because of the swampy nature of Otumara.

The borehole was commissioned by the Chairperson of the Lagos Mainland Local Government in the person of Hon. Rashidat Omolola Essien.

Those of us that are familiar with the environment would agree with me that Otumara is a marshy land which during rainy season becomes messier. Again, I intervened and filled the entire stretch of land with bricks.

On youth development, our annual age grade football competition sponsored by me attest to my love for youths of the community. The competition which was in its third year was last hosted in 2019.

On health, the only Health centre in the community was facilitated by me to the glory of God to address the health needs of the people.

On education, in spite of its over 500, 000 population, Otumara community has only one Junior Secondary School which is Ilogbo High School. Our children have to travel a long distance as far as Surulere to complete their secondary education and in the process got knocked down by vehicles and Okada riders.

Consequent to this need, I launched a campaign for the construction of blocks of Senior Secondary School in Otumara for the benefits of all children in the Lagos Mainland Local Government which was graciously approved by His Excellency Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

But when it was time for the commencement of the project, some unscrupulous residents who thrive in the backwardness of Otumara community revolted and stopped government officials from embarking on such project that would have transformed the lives of our children and relieve parents of their daily extra cost on transportation on their children.

The battle of light over darkness still rages on in Otumara as I fearlessly confront those that have vowed to eternally feed on the epileptic electricity and porous security situations in the community.

Under a registered name, ORWA, they defraud, exploit and oppress residents and throw them into darkness. They are not accountable to the people and the authority.

But the good news is that we are getting closer to getting this resolved as we have contacted the Corporate Affairs Commission and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to investigation and take necessary actions.

For us, we are determined to liberate our people from the shackles of oppression and slavery.
By the grace of God, I was there for my people in their time of needs.

During the lockdown factored by the global health crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, I feel the pains and cries of my people which was why I distributed 3kg of bags of rice and hand sanitizers to residents in the local district through the leaders of the Community Development Associations in Ebute Meta (west) of the Lagos Mainland Local Government,
The purpose of this is to relieve the people of economic hardship and bring succour to them for the period the lockdown lasted.

In my sojourn through this world, I have realised that it is only God that appoints a leader and truth, although bitter, pays in the end.

Leadership position is not what is gotten through violence, evil machination and crooked means.

Leaders are appointed by God and the custodians of His authority on earth who in this case are the government and kingmakers who affirmed my appointment as the Baale of Otumara 11 community.

Therefore I sincerely say I am not at war with anybody over leadership title or matters as the sky is big enough for birds to freely fly without colliding with each other.

I will continue to address the developmental needs of my people which I have vowed to promote and defend therefore no living soul will deter me from doing this by the mighty name of God I serve.


Sent in by High chief Kehinde Kalejaiye

Baale, Otumara, Apapa road, Ojo-oniyun and it’s environs in Lagos Mainland Local Government of Lagos state.

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