July 14, 2024


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COVID-19: We will honour invitation from govt if called upon for solution–PAN Alimosho 

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Murphy Alabi

For Physiotherapist Association of Nigeria, (PAN) Alimosho branch under the leadership of Dr Abdul Akeeem Ibrahim, the solution to COVID-19 pandemic lies with the locals while stressing that the federal government is only wasting its time seeking orthodox solution.

Speaking at the association’s monthly meeting held at Bisdakem Hotel, Baruwa, Ipaja, Lagos, Ibrahim disclosed that if given the chance, Covid-19 will be a thing of past in Nigeria.

He said, “For a very long time, we have been saying this, that government did not recognized us and give us our due respect. If not, there is nothing special about this Covid-19 but since government did not believe in us the local ones, they ignored us and they put all their focus on orthodox solution.

“We have stated this many times that there is a solution to this pandemic. Like I stated earlier government is not encouraging us, and I can tell you that we are very sure about it. The solution is with herbal therapy.

He also disclosed the plans of the association.

“We intend to travel across the globe once this lock down is over, we want to research into many ailment. It is not until when diseases break that we should be looking for solutions. We want to be a leading light.

There is no way we are going to speak on this without mentioning our slain president, Alhaji Fatai Oko Oloyun. While he was alive he was on the vanguard of those glamoring for traditional medicine to be recognized, but that does not mean we are going to stop here.”

Also speaking, the vice chairman, PAN (Dr) Ibikunle stated they are being neglected based on the fact that they think they are illiterate

“The problem is many people think those of us selling or doing the local drugs are illiterate, but that is not the case most of us if not all of us are well educated”

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