July 20, 2024


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COVID-19: Believers Should Brace Up To Emerge Victorious says SPAC Nation London

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By Our Correspondent

Genuine believers globally should brace up and face the challenges which the novel Corona virus has unleashed on the citizens of the world because the wicked people are behind the scourge and they would be put to shame.

This admonition was made by a London based minister of God, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega who is the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation, a ministry that has rehabilitated thousands of youths in the United Kingdom and empowered them in many sectors.

Pastor Tobi whose Church has spent a fortune on palliatives to mitigate the effect of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom and Africa blamed the pandemic on the tyranny of wicked elements in the society.

“It is good to follow health procedures and all medical instructions. With faith in God and our compliance with all health guidelines, victory will be for the children of God.We will triumph with testimonies following”, he said.

The Global Lead Pastor. further assured “whoever does the will of God and keeps himself cannot be affected by negativity whether from the media or any other source.

Recalling  a vicious propaganda against SPAC Nation last year by some disgruntled politicians in London, Pastor Tobi said “when  people write negative news about us and their few followers read them,they are the ones touched and disturbed not us, although we appreciate them and their criticism.”

“God’s people resist being easily influenced by friends. They stand firmly and keep their focus despite what the wicked people do across the nation”, he added

On his programme, Pastor Tobi disclosed that his passion is to build cultures that comprises different lifestyles and announcing things that have not been said before

“I’ve built churches, seen crowds, and experienced the longing of many pastors, in a strange land, not even in a land where there is poverty.”

As regards racism, the Global Lead Pastor said “we need to display real commitment to the black race. I can show you people we took from  places like Brixton to study in Oxford and set them up to have a chance in  life by working with top companies in the UK.”


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