July 23, 2024


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Unveiling the new music sensation, Roddy Richest

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For Rojidatu Ajisefini aka Roddy Richest singing has been a thing she has been dreaming of and when she had the dream in a vision she went to her father to explained, and her father been a clergy man did not discouraged her rather she encourages  her as a father.

And today her story is changing, her latest release “I will be free” now rules the airwaves

“I had a dream that I was entertaining people and after I woke up I went to tell my father about the dream, and been a clergy man himself he cross checked then he encourages me”

Though a student of high school in Senior Secondary (SS 1) she will not allowed that to distract her from furthering her education

“That will not distract me from my studies. I do have shows in my school during an event to show my talent. Apart that there is an argument between my parents and my school management to allow me does my stuff’

The talented kid artiste who recently turns 13 has been on airwaves for many weeks now on national radio with her chart buster singles titled “I will be free” said the best is yet to come from her

“ my latest effort titled ‘ I will be free” is just a an encouragement I mean to encourage people who are molested or suffering, people who are looking forward to make it, ladies who are feeling frustrated not to be down cast, they are still going to laugh very soon, that is why I titled it I will be free . Everybody will be free from any type of bondage tying them down, I know surely they will be free and that will be very soon. But that is just the iceberg of what should be expected from me as I still want to do more in this profession”

She would however not look down any of her colleagues or friends when eventually she got to that pinnacle of celebrity

“Why should I look down any of my friends who we started together? The fact that I made it does not mean that I am better than them. The thing is God favor, there are many talented artiste over there that could do better than me, but it is God s favor that I see” concluded the ever smiling young star who says she got inspiration from herself.

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