July 14, 2024


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Lagos community laments high electricity bill

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Akin Olayemi

Residents of Otumara community in the Lagos Mainland Local Government have described as unwarranted the interference of the Eko Electricity Company, EKEDC in the internal affairs of the community.

Some of the residents that spoke to newsexplorersng.com alleged that the EKEDC through the sudden installation of metres in the transformers that serve the community is working towards hiking the monthly electricity bills of residents.

According to them, this is in an attempt to rubbish the efforts of well-meaning residents and community leaders that have been agitating for a pocket friendly electricity consumption bills.

Commenting on the sad development, chairman, Otumara CDA, Abass Ishola disclosed that Otumara residents have not been paying electricity bills since the last four months.

He alleged that officials of the EKEDC is collaborating with ORWA to frustrate the efforts of leaders in the community.

He said, “For many years, there has not been any metre attached to one of the two transformers that served the community. I was surprise to see officials of the EKEDC mounting metre on the transformer. This is understandable because they have been an accomplice with ORWA for many years. Why are they bringing the metre when the community is on the verge of edging out ORWA?

The implication of this is that our monthly electricity bill will be higher than it was when ORWA was trading with it and feeding on our collective sweat.

Residents have uncovered the plot of the EKEDC to increase monthly electricity bills which is responsible for the metre installation. Our community head, High Chief Kalejaiye and other leaders have done enough in bringing accountability to the electricity affair therefore the EKEDC for whatever reasons should not allow it to be used to tarnish the reputation of these people by introduction higher electricity bill which many of us believe is targeted at increasing the monthly electricity bills.”

While appealing to the EKEDC to save Otumara community from the burden of accumulated bills, another resident, Innocent Ogbu said any attempt by the electricity company to introduce new tariff regime will be resisted.

He said, “We have not been paying electricity bills for four months. And this is because EKEDC didn’t serve us bills. We are ready to pay but we don’t want any intermediary. We don’t want ORWA to interface between residents and EKEDC.

The danger in this is that once the bills get accumulated, it will turn to burden and debt for residents. What we are saying is that we don’t want ORWA involvement in the electricity affairs of the community but it is not for EKEDC not to serve us bill.”

Meanwhile, head of Otumara community, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye has appealed for calm and called for transparency in the handling of electricity affairs in his community.

Like other residents, Kalejaiye queried the installation of metre to the transformers that have been in used for many years at a time residents are agitating for the removal of ORWA in the security and electricity affairs of the community.

He said, “The welfare and well-being of Otumara residents cannot be compromised which is why I am appealing to the EKEDC not to be a party to any shady dealings.

ORWA does not serve the interest of residents of the community. They are selfish and promote only the interest of few of its members.

I am appealing to EKEDC not be fall victim of ORWA’s evil and selfish machination. They should do the needful by serving monthly bills to residents as and when due and they should try not to be seen indulge in any anomalies.

For instance, we are suspecting a foul play with the EKEDC sudden decision to install a metre on one of the two transforms that serve the community. You will wonder why is this happening now when residents are agitating against the involvement of ORWA in their affairs.

Why would officials of EKEDC mount a metre without involving representatives of residents of the community to witness the readings on it before a new is installed.

So, EKEDC needs to make their intention known and this should not translate into payment of high monthly electricity bills by residents.”

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