July 23, 2024


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SPAC Nation launches record label, reaffirms commitment to assisting youths

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Akin Olayemi
The Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation London, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has reiterated his commitment towards helping young people and raising great leaders for the next generation.
Pastor Tobi made this known during the formal launch of the Gold Nation Label during the SPAC Nation family gathering on Sunday which was held at a most unusual exotic poolside mansion in London Uk with strict adherence to CO VID 19 guideline.
Dressed in a casual designer shirt and short, Pastor Tobi said his appearance was intentional as he was using it to drive home a particular message.
“Our cloth may be the same but shoes are always different. In your shoes, I can’t tell what I will do or not do. My shoe? Helping young people and raising great leaders is my shoe. I am blessed to be called to wear this shoe and I will wear it with all pride and happiness.”
In apparent response to criticisms that trail the unconventional brand of Christianity being practised by SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi said he accepts all the tags that he has been given and the pains that go with them but he remains focused to positively changing the fortune of the youths.
“It is better you wear your own shoes right, concentrate on your own divine assignment and not be too quick to condemn other people’s journey”.
The Pastor who has been making waves in the UK for some time in a service that featured the Uk’s first gospel and major drill & rap music group known as Hope dealers, who are all Pastors in the church, Destiny fulfilled, an amazing trio of ladies, Pk & Srose, who were both former notorious gang leaders in London but are now Pastors and mentors to so many others, Shanice, a singing sensation, Jordy Mankoto, Armstrong Martins and Beryl Solo, both of the Uk Xfactor fame and many others many of whom are either Pastors or ministers in the church and yet making significant impact in the community, stated that he was not ready to back down just yet.
“I came for the worst, not the best. I am sent to take people from the low and helping them to conquer all obstacles to become world leaders. I don’t put faith in buildings and other ephemeral things, I put faith in people and we change lives. That is my source.
According to Pastor Tobi, the time has passed when churches will lock themselves up for routine services while a generation will be locked up behind bars.
“For us to cause the positive change we seek, we have to be sacrificial. We have to let go of the toxicity that has come to characterize the world we now live in”.
Pastor Tobi Adegboyega further enthused that all should be brought together without segregation to change people’s lives, create a platform and change one another’s lives while breaking free from mediocrity because God has created us for excellence.
“Our messages go beyond religion. We cannot reach the next generation if all we bandy about is religion. Without relationships, religion is meaningless! My position is to affect people in our society and not judge anyone who may have done wrong”.
Citing the two people who were hung with Jesus on the cross, Pastor Tobi maintained that Jesus did not judge either of them.
“I intentionally chose what to wear today so that I can pass this message that it would be unlike Jesus for me to judge anyone who has done wrong. I believe if we do what has to be done and put faith in the ones who are tagged the worst in our communities, they can turn out to be the best.”

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