July 23, 2024


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Stranded Nigerians in Canada accuse High Commission of Fraud

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Akin Olayemi

Nigerian high commissioner has been accused of defrauding stranded Nigerian. The concerned Nigerian-Canadian and Permanent Residents, were bitter over this and they establish a great displeasure in the shady arrangements of the Nigerian High Commission in the failure of the repatriation process as advertised and published by the Nigerian High Commissioner, Ambassador Adeyinka Asekun.

According to them the Nigerian High Commission advertised and published on their website on July 3, 2020, that they endorsed an arranged chartered flight as a contract to a private company to repatriate Nigerians stranded in Canada back to Nigeria, and the same arrangement for the same flight to repatriate Nigerian-Canadians and Permanent Residents stranded in Nigeria back to Canada.

But according to them the High Commissioner, Ambassador Adeyinka Asekun, categorically said that the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa do not have a mandate to repatriate from Nigeria, but they still went ahead to contract out the arrangement to a private company, with payments.

” Could we then say that the Nigerian High Commission has defrauded and lied to the people by taking advantage of vulnerable stranded people, second time around. The first time of such an arrangement was with Airpeace Nigeria and they frustrated their effort to obtain Canada Landing Permit due to the Mission self interest.” A statement from the camp of the frustrated Nigerian stated.

“It has come to our notice that the scheduled flight for Friday July 10, 2020, which over 100 people have paid for the flight has been cancelled for these following reason:
1. No sufficient funds by the arranged contractual private company to charter the flight.

2. That the supposed chartered flight does not have landing rights.

3. That the arrangement for the flight was shady and not proper.

It’s very bad of them we want Nigeria and Canada government to wade into this”
Conclude the release.

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